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  1. mikelm

    Best oil for marinade grilling

    Avocado oil has about the highest smoke point at 520* and as nice mild taste too. Mike
  2. mikelm

    What are some good things to make in a Vitamax blender?

    VitaMix is by far the best and most versatile kitchen appliance of the many that I have. At 12 pounds, 1200 watts, and two brake horsepower, it will puree anything- including a cellphone in one of their old commercials. (They didn't offer a recipe with this demo.) If you're wearied with...
  3. mikelm

    Quick, easy, nutritious recipes please!

    Go to a used book site and find a copy of Let's Cook It Right by Adele Davis. It is one of the very first of the "healthy" cookbooks, and we found it and raised our family on it and her other books in the series. Her recipes are easy, taste really great, and the book gives you a basic...
  4. mikelm

    Let's discuss: Hydroponics... anyone knows anything about it?

    Yes, Brulo. we did some semi-serious fooling around with hydroponics some years ago, and I remember the results - mostly lettuce like Fatcook mentioned, and I remember it as pretty good. If you're doing it indoors in cold weather you will need a suitable lightsource with the right color...
  5. mikelm

    Does a "liquid water enhancer" get spoiled?

    Myself, I enhance my water by diluting with sour mash bourbon. Bet that's cheaper,too. Mikeo_O
  6. mikelm

    Let's discuss: Hydroponics... anyone knows anything about it?

    Hydrophonics?? You looking for submarines? I mean, they do cook with Radar waves, but I'm not aware of any Sonar ovens on the market, so far. Hydroponics, on the other hand, have been around for a long time- soil-less raising of plants in water with nutrients dissolved in the liquid. Mike...
  7. mikelm


    So, did you make it to Los Caracoles, and if so. how was it? Mike
  8. mikelm

    Mineral oil

    This comes up periodically. Get USP mineral oil at the drugstore and use it sparingly once a month or so. It is taken orally as a laxative, so it ain't poison. Any vegetable oil wil eventually go rancid, and I suspect - but don't really know - that coconut oil will do the same. Why take the...
  9. mikelm


    Funny, Pete.... We didn't notice any congestion to speak of on our way north after the eclip[se. Lots of predictions on TV though, and obviously you found some of it. Hope you enjoyed the spectacle as much as we did. Mike
  10. mikelm


    Cloudy forecast for Chicago, so my son and grandson and I took off south about 8:00, deciding on the fly whether to go southwest on I-55 or southeast on I-60; a coinflip, we went on I-65. After 3-1/ hours at 75mph we stopped for brunch. Clouds were thicker. Another half hour we stopped under...
  11. mikelm


    Be sure to have dinner at Los Caracoles- it's well over 150 years old and was wopnderful when I had a magical dinner there, well over 50 years ago. It must have slipped somewhat since, judjing by the Yelp reviews, but you should definitely try it. I recommend the snails.:rolleyes: Mike
  12. mikelm

    Mandoline ?

    I've had the Bron mandoline, which Buba refers to, for many years and it's still going strong.  It's versatile and will do quite a few different cuts, but it's a bit pricey- the basic model goes for around $130, which has all the stuff you need. Actually, I would suggest you get one of the much...
  13. mikelm

    cashews good or bad? 10/18/09

    Some time ago I purchased a grinder of salt... with an expiration date! The salt is maybe three million years old,  but it will be unsafe to eat come next July 27? Your government at work, keeping you safe.  Mike I think I'm overtaxed
  14. mikelm

    New Cutting board question

    When my son had a cabinet shop he built dozens if not hundreds of maple cutting boards, and he followed several research papers on cutting board technology from the Food Science Department of the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee.  They said any plant-derived oils will become rancid, but not...
  15. mikelm

    New Cutting board question

    Toxicant and Steve pretty well covered the ground. Oiled with USP mineral oil, which NEVER becomes rancid, wipe dry and store on edge or balanced on one corner.  NEVER use soap or detergent, and NEVER use any other oil- ALL others will become rancid  sooner or later Hope I've made myself CLEAR...
  16. mikelm

    Expiry date of alcoholic drink after the bottle has been opened

    I don't see the point of this question. I've never had such a problem. Mike     
  17. mikelm

    How do you pronounce gyro?

    Mike9 and Scott... Thanks to both of you for your responses.  Interesting references, both. Mike 
  18. mikelm

    How do you pronounce gyro?

    Best I remember from my two trips to Greece, it's pronounced YEH-ross, with a little bit of a roll on the "r." The meat on the ones at our favorite street stand in Athens did not look anything like the American version sliced from the loaf on the vertical roaster.  It looked to me like they had...
  19. mikelm

    Call them out or Never go Back

     Well- don't keep us in suspense...    WHAT HAPPENED? Mike
  20. mikelm

    January 2017 Cooking Challenge

    Great thread !     (Anecdote, not recipe...) When we lived on Puget Sound,, we invited a certified mushroom expert to come and guide us.  With her and a couple neighbors we spent a morning in the woods of the Kitsap Peninsula searching and picking, returning with a half-bushel of fresh...
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