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  1. melissapisarski

    Binding Agents Without Sweetness

    I've been making oat bars instead of buying granola bars at the grocery store. I usually make them with sweet ingredients and use sweetened condensed milk as the sole binding agent, but I am looking for something that isn't sweet so I can start mixing it up with add-ons. I'm looking for...
  2. melissapisarski

    Soggy Bottoms

    In making meat pies, specifically beef and liver pies with dark beer, how can I ensure a firm bottom crust?
  3. melissapisarski

    Strong Tomato Flavor

    I love the taste of tomatoes. Subsequently, I often gravitate toward recipes that include tomatoes and promise the addition of tomato flavor to my dish, like tomato butter sauce for example. The tomato taste is never strong enough for me though. Is there a way I can amplify it?
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