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  1. chefdovahkiin

    Facial hair in the professional kitchen

    I have my hair long, probably just under my shoulder blades. I always keep it in a bun and tie a bandana around my head and over my ears to keep the hair in place, I also wear a hat to keep all of it together. I tell my cooks to do the same if they have long hair. They don't have to wear the...
  2. chefdovahkiin

    What is the best software to use for Kitchen Managers?

    Excel. Honestly, there really is no other software to do the job for you. As long as you know how to create the formulas, keep track of your inventory and make the time to make a list of your inventory, you should have no problem with Excel.
  3. chefdovahkiin

    Loving the Job, Hating your fellow Chef.

    Thank you everyone, this is definitely put some perspective on the situation. I did need to vent and i appreciate everyone's honestly. y'all is dope. Thanks again.
  4. chefdovahkiin

    Loving the Job, Hating your fellow Chef.

    Just a heads up mi gonna be complaining this whole time so don't blame me for you reading this whole thing. So I've been working at this micro brewery for the past 3 or 4 years (can't even remember), i started as a line cook then eventually became Head chef due to my work ethic and attitude...
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