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  1. tastytart

    What are some good uses for the liquid from slow cooked pork?

    It makes a good cooking liquid for rice.  Once the rice is cooked, I add frozen vegies and leftover pork.  Then, I taste it and add what ever flavors are missing. (that, or I taste it first... then also last..)
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    welcome. I think you're in the right place. There is pleanty of helpful descussion here, so join in and have some fun. 
  3. tastytart

    Favorite Chef spices?

    your right, salt is not a spice, but pepper is. I just didn't (and still don't) think that it matters as it pertains to the topic at hand. 
  4. tastytart

    Favorite Chef spices?

    salt and pepper are the go to spices for just about all saveory food.  But, I still like to add other things, depending on what it is that I am cooking.
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    How to cook Mahi-mahi???

    that sounds like a wonderful dish. 
  6. tastytart

    Cooking fish -- when is it done?

    Fish is done when it changes from the raw fish color to the cooked fish color.  For fish that is going to be fully cooked, take it off the stove just before it get to the point that it "flakes"   by the time it's out of the pan and onto the plate, it should just be starting to do this, and be...
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    Butternut Squash Soup

    Intresting. I didn't say anything about "frequenting" anything. Just that I'd seen it done. 
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    Thanksgiving Stuffing: In or Out?

    This sounds good.  It seems to solve most of the issues that I have with typical turkey.
  9. tastytart

    Thanksgiving Stuffing: In or Out?

    If the turkey is "stuffed" then the turkey ends up being under cooked, or totally dry.  But, This is america, and over cooked is seen as a good. 
  10. tastytart

    Help please on dessert plating ideas

    Possibly, you could dust the whoopie pies with powdered sugar, and a small bit of whipped cream dusted with coco powder, or cover with choclate shavings. 
  11. tastytart

    How long will doughs last in the refrigerator

    Overnight hasn't effect any of the ones that I've made.  It's so nice to have fresh cinnamon rolls right out of the oven in the am. 
  12. tastytart

    Butternut Squash Soup

    o, wow. I hadn't paid that much attation to it. 
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  14. tastytart

    Good Food Bad Pictures

    The photographs are good.  But could you please watch what you put into your photographs? Every thing that doesn't have a reason to be there, is just getting in the way of a great photograph. 
  15. tastytart

    Bacon VS Sausage

    I just can't choose. I love kabassi. It's the only sausage that I really like. Other then that, I really enjoy bacon. It can be used in so many diffrennt ways.  It is one of my favorate salad toppings.
  16. tastytart

    Butternut Squash Soup

    Serving size depends on how it's being served, but at a lot of resturants, you can buy a cup of soup for half the price of a bowl. It seems that would make a serving 2 cups. Not totaly sure on that logic.
  17. tastytart

    morning. Food photographer here.

    thank you for the warm welcome. 
  18. tastytart

    New user!

    welcome to board. 
  19. tastytart

    Getting n entry level job at a restaurant...?

    try getting some experence where you're at, while your going to school. That will solve the exprence problem. 
  20. tastytart

    cutting through acid in sauces?

    It worked for my grandmother to solve her negative reaction to the red ones. So, I'm gonna take a guess that if it worked for her to solve a a similar problem, it might work here. 
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