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  1. jock

    Time Off??

    Good afternoon Chef and thank you for taking the time to talk to us who share your passion for food. You must have a very busy schedule and I wonder there are enough hours in the day to do all that you do. I am curious though, what do you do (not cooking/food related) for fun in your down time...
  2. jock

    Food Inc.

    I saw this movie for the first time last night on PBS. Powerful stuff. Of course we all know the evils of Agri-farming, feed lots, battery chickens, etc., but this movie brought it into sharp focus. Before the closing credits the producers encouraged the audience to buy from farmers who treat...
  3. jock

    Vital Wheat Gluten

    I made some bagels today which turned out not half bad if I say so myself. I used Peter Reinhart's formula frrom The Breadbaker's Apprentice. In his premble to the recipe he talks about high gluten (14%) bread flour which is not readily available to home bakers. (I used KA bread flour and that...
  4. jock

    Buckwheat Groats

    I saw this recipe for Kasha in the current edition of Bon Appetite which sounded quite tasty. It is basically made from buckwheat groats cooked in liquid (sorta like cooking rice) and mixed with onions and wild mushrooms. Knowing the rich, earthy taste you get from buckwheat crepes I was...
  5. jock

    Apple Juice/Apple Cider - What's the difference?

    In the UK Cider is by definition an alcoholic beverage - what we in the US would call "hard" cider. However, when I go to the grocery store and look at the ingredients on a bottle of apple juice it says "Apples". When I look at the ingredients list on a bottle of apple cider it says "Apples"...
  6. jock

    Collapsing Cake - Update

    So, I made the almond cake again today following BDL's guidelines : Don't over beat the batterLower oven temperature from 350 to 300 degrees (convection bake)Bain Marie Mixed results. When I mixed the almond paste into the creamed butter & sugar the speed was too low to break it up thoroughly so...
  7. jock

    Why do Cakes Collapse??

    Is there a common reason why cakes collapse or is each case different? I don't bake many cakes but some consistently turn out well while one in particular collapses every time. It's an almond cake I've made many times (because it's my wife's favorite) but I'm not a competent enough baker to...
  8. jock

    Crust for Pumpkin Pie

    It's only the first week in October but I'm beginning to plan for Thanksgiving. I've always used a pre baked flaky pie crust for the pumpkin pie and I'm now (after only 20 years!!) wondering if that's the right choice. No matter what I do, the crust is always a bit too soggy on the bottom. Not...
  9. jock

    Trouble With Roast Duck

    I don't have a lot of luck with roasting duck. I bought a 5# long island duck the other day. It comes sealed in plastic and no matter how long I leave it out to dry after I remove the plastic the skin is still soggy. And soggy skin = flabby skin when it's cooked. Also the meat tends to be on the...
  10. jock

    Trouble with Safari

    I'm having trouble opening most pages on this site using the Safari browser on my daughter's Mac Book laptop. The CT server just doesn't respond and it times out. I don't have this trouble with other sites and certainly not on the PC. Any ideas? Jock
  11. jock

    So, What's with the whole Wide Screen thing on CT?

    Is it just me or what? Recently I've noticed that some posts in the same thread are on "wide screen" where you have to scroll right to see the whole line and others are in "normal" view as it has always been. Then today when I logged on the forum pages are on wide screen. I can see the title of...
  12. jock

    We're Coming to NYC

    My wife is attending a conference in NYC at the end of the month (March 28, 29 & 30 to be precise) and I'm going along for the ride. Our hotel is the Marriott on Lexington - mid town around 41st Street I think. So, here's the impossible question - if there is a must go to restaurant in the City...
  13. jock

    Apple Juice/Cider - What's the Difference

    In the UK when you ask for cider you get an alcoholic beverage which is fermented apple juice. When I go to the grocery store here I look at 2 bottles from Martinelli for example; one is called apple juice and the other is called apple cider. The ingredients are exactly the same - Pure apple...
  14. jock

    I'm so Excited!!!

    Last night I got to meet and talk to Jacques Pepin. What a nice man. Truely unpretentious, gracious and kind. The local PBS station (KQED) held a special donor's event at the school where Jacques was the guest of honor. There was a stand up reception for him with 170 or so donors in...
  15. jock

    A Canning Question

    I've never canned anything before but I know in principal what happens. I've always wondered though... You know how when you put the lids on the jars you don't tighten them all the way? Well, what stops the hot water from getting in when the jar is submerged?? Thank you Jock
  16. jock

    Rachel's New Talk Show

    Has anybody seen this yet? I watched a bit on CBS this morning. Somebody needs to remind her that she has a microphone and doesn't need to yell everything at the top of her voice. It was exhausting just watching it. And as to content, she was interviewed on a local TV show last night and freely...
  17. jock

    Rachel Ray Bashing Moratorium

    Can I request a moratorium on Rachel Ray bashing? Don't get me wrong - I am not a fan by any means but you need to underetand her perspective. Most of us on this board are pretty enthusiastic about cooking, not to say fanatical in some cases. Rachel's target audience is people who are the...
  18. jock

    American Pie

    As someone who has long been in search of the perfect pizza crust, I was delighted the other day to come across Peter Reinhart's new book, American Pie. He too has been on a quest for the perfect pizza which took him to Itlay and all across the United States. The first half of the book is...
  19. jock

    I'm Outta Here!!!

    I'll be off the air for 3 weeks while I go to Italy (Tuscany) for a week, Provance for a few days followed by a few more days in Paris. Hop the train through the tunnel to England to visit family and back home. Life's tough, huh :D :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: Jock
  20. jock

    Isa is Hanging in

    For those who miss her on this board as I do, I want to let you know that I got an e-mail from Isa the other day. She is still struggling with her health and other issues but she is hanging in and keeping her characteristic positive attitude. She misses you all and hopes to be posting again...
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