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  1. cyclechef

    Storing and Cooking Protocol for home made Ravioli and pastas.

    My restaurant will be starting a seasonal ravioli on its menu in the very near future.  I have made lots of fresh pastas , but am a little concerned about freezing fresh gourmet raviolis. I generally make egg pasta with all purpose flour.  I am testing a few blends of semolina, durum, and 00...
  2. cyclechef

    Best Veal for Veal Parmesan

    At my restaurant I use Veal Eye of Round for Veal Parm. I use veal Butt Tenderloin for Veal Marsala, Picatta and Saltimbocca.  Should I use the Butt Tenderloin for parmesan.  The Eye of Round seems perhaps to "tough" a cut no matter how much I pound and tenderize. Thank you.
  3. cyclechef

    Looking to improve my Bread Service

    Hello Chefs! I am the Head Chef at an Italian Trattoria & Pizzeria in Cary, NC and looking to improve our current bread service. Here is what we currently provide: We use pizza dough that we allow to rise into a boule shaped loaf.  We make two shallow cuts across the dough and bake until...
  4. cyclechef

    any mountain bikers out there?

    just wondering, cause it is the other great passion of mine, besides professional cooking. I like road cycling too. drop a note if biking is important to you. Here in NC opportunities for cycling are endless
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