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  1. singer4660

    Rolling Pins and Pie Dough

    My husband handed me a marble rolling pin that he's had for years. Says he's used it many times, but my experience is that everything sticks to it, no matter how much flour I use. Pie dough in particular is a problem. I'm thinking the smooth surface is the culprit. Even the best quality wood...
  2. singer4660

    Why did this recipe work?

    So the husband is a hunter. Every year he brings me at least 2 deer, a half a dozen geese, and the occassional turkey. Today I pulled out boneless, skinless goose breast to make for dinner. The recipe I used came from Ted Nugent's "Kill it and Grill it". It basically said....take a cup of cider...
  3. singer4660

    Feeback Please - Customized Instruction for the Home Cook

    Before anyone gets nervous, I'm not selling anything. I have noticed however that there are a number of threads on here (see "Practical Knife Skills", "I want to learn to cook" etc) where people are looking for DVDs, books and other learning materials. If they're like me, they would prefer to...
  4. singer4660

    Window Sill Garden

    Good morning, I live in upstate NY where it snows 6 months out of the year so decided that the best approach for getting fresh herbs was to plant them in pots on a shelf in my kitchen. I started with oregano, basil, rosemary, parsley (flat leaf), thyme, and chives. So far, I've managed to kill...
  5. singer4660

    Hello All

    Just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. I'm Cheryl, and I am an experienced home cook with a passion for what I guess can best be described as "improvisational cooking". I hate to waste food, so I've developed a knack for taking whatever is in my refrigerator and turning it into a...
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