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  1. kingnothing

    Question Regarding New Cast Iron Skillet

    They actually make a mold out of sand to cast the iron in. Years ago or even on more expensive cast iron pans these days, they would clean up the pan after the casting and smooth it all over. Lodge is cheap now and does not make a smooth finish any more. My wife bought a Lodge a while ago, and I...
  2. kingnothing

    Give me your dream ravioli fillings

    Fig and blue cheese, they are my ultimate favorite. I use a little ricotta in it so i don't have to overwhelm the filling with blue cheese. I make a brown butter sage sauce for the pasta.
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  4. kingnothing

    What Is Better, Canned or Dehydrated Mushrooms?

    Here are a few of the porcini's (King Bolete) that I found last fall, There are a few other Porcini's in there too. l And a bunch of really dirty hedgehog's prior to cleaning. Also a nice haul of Chanterelle's. (Can't take credit for finding these though as my partners parents did, I did...
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  8. kingnothing

    What Is Better, Canned or Dehydrated Mushrooms?

    You must be able to find some porcini (Bolete's) in the Patagonia region. 
  9. kingnothing

    What Is Better, Canned or Dehydrated Mushrooms?

    Chanterelle's are one of the only mushrooms that I find that lose all the flavour when dried (Actually Hedgehogs too). I find the best way to store these if you can't eat fresh are to freeze. I normally cook the chanterelle's and then freeze. 
  10. kingnothing

    What did you have for dinner?

    Homegrown sugar pumpkin soup topped with some sauted kale and seasame seeds
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  12. kingnothing

    mineral oil alternative for cutting boards?

    From all my experience and research I have come to the conclusion that walnut oil does not go rancid. Many boardmakers and bowl makers use it and recommend it for oiling your board. The best way to treat your board, is a mix of 6-1 or 8-1 walnut oil to beeswax. You can substitute the walnut oil...
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    Lagom or Ordo, do you guys do anything with the roe? This being my first time I quickly came across the idea of salt packing the roe and storing it in the fridge or cellar to use later. When you are ready to use you soak it in water multiple times to get rid of all the salt. When ready you bread...
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    Lagom, those recipes sound awesome. I will definitely be trying all of them. I followed a recipe of 1 part vinegar to 1/2 part water to 1/4 part sugar. To the pickling base I added all spice, mustard seed, bay leaf, peppercorns and cloves. I then added some slices of red onion and lemon to the...
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    I have never purchased or used herring before today. Randomly walking through a market, I noticed an older gentleman purchasing them. This caught my eye as they were really fresh looking and only $7/kg CDN. I ended up purchasing 3 kg as a start for my first herring experience. Pickled herring...
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