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  2. dekatsu

    Thai Pumpkin Soup - too much lemon juice

    I dont know very much about what would counteract a lemon, but you have one of two options I think. Either find something that accompanies it well, im not sure what would go well with lemon by try expermenting with tiny portions of your soup till you fine a spice/seasoning that works. Or, what...
  3. dekatsu

    New member needing culinary school advice

    There are colleges out there that offer associate degrees in culinary rather than just a certificate. So theoretically you could go to culinary school AND get a degree. It all depends on what you would like to do. If it is becoming a chef I would recommend getting an associates degree in...
  4. dekatsu


    So you are thinking of becoming a private chef eh? That is one of the many things I am considering directing my culinary career towards. I love to cook and I love to create new things, and working for a wealthy family as their personal cook would seem like a dream job. All the creativity and...
  5. dekatsu

    Why school?

    This is how I view the cost/reward ratio of going to school. From what I have researched, the skills gained from going to culinary school equate to almost a decades worth of experience. So basically, you pay around 40k to shave 8.5 years of your long climb up the culinary ladder. So basically it...
  6. dekatsu

    Is this a bad time to be in the culinary field?

    Well, no matter how bad the economy gets, people still gotta eat. And people will still take their family and freinds out to eat for ocassions like birthdays and such. So while buisness may be tougher, I think being a cook is a failry stable job in terms of job securty in these crazy times.
  7. dekatsu

    Soon-to-be student needs advice!

    Thanks, thats great advice. Being above average was allready what I had planned, I take pride in what I do and what I create, and my creed is to either be the best at something, or work hard till I am. Are there any other websites out there that have a sort of "list" of the basics? A list of...
  8. dekatsu

    Soon-to-be student needs advice!

    Wonderful! These are excellent responses. Thank you so much for the E-Gullet link. Sites like that are what I am looking for. It's good to know that the chefs here are so helpful. I will be sure to stick around these forms as I start school, having the support of so many will be invaluable.
  9. dekatsu

    Soon-to-be student needs advice!

    Well, my lifelong dream to become a chef is about to take its next major step! I just got accepted to Le Cordon Bleu of Atlanta and will start August 18th. I am 20 years old and have a little experience working the line at a high-end restaurant. My question is simple, what resource could I use...
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