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  1. cacioepepe

    Yes, Food Saver questions...again.

    I know this question have fluttered around the forums before, but I can't find one where the info is current so I decided to bring up the subject again. I run a small restaurant with no storage and hardly any counter space.  We are connected to a show space that basically dictates if we are busy...
  2. cacioepepe

    The Critics Speak Out

    Not really sure where this topic should be put, so I figure if I was hanging with cooks late night, this is something we'd love to discuss.
  3. cacioepepe

    El Cellar de Can Roca

    I just picked this book up at the store and holy hell what a book!  In depth narratives, great technique, beautiful pictures, and in a great dive into the restaurants' inner workings.  Does anyone else have this book and if so, what have you found that blows your head back? Someones gotta have it.
  4. cacioepepe

    The Stresses of the Industry

    Just read this article in the NYT.  I'm posting this because as much as we love what we do, there needs to be a balance in our lives.  Perhaps the financial stress wasn't the end all be all of Delvin, but I'm sure it contributed.  I love this forum because there are so many opinions about stuff...
  5. cacioepepe

    5 Minute Picked Eggs

    So I'm trying to open the restaurant for breakfast and lunch so I'm thinking of menu items.  We get great trout from the streams of inland Cali and was thinking a cold smoked salmon salad with some pickled eggs.  The thing is I don't want a fully cooked egg, but a runny yolk. Was thinking of...
  6. cacioepepe

    Fried chicken sauce

    Hey y'all, Looking for inspiration for a new sauce to go with fried chicken. Sure we've heard honey butter and maple syrup, but I'm looking for new and fresh. Thoughts?!
  7. cacioepepe

    Private cheffing!

  8. cacioepepe

    Sous Vide Cockscombs

    Looking to cooks some cockscombs sous vide but not sure time and temp.  I know its going to be a braised thing but I really dont know how high I should roll.  Any ideas?  I think theres a recipe in the Modernist book, but I ain't got it!
  9. cacioepepe

    Making Black Garlic

    Wondering if anyone's done it.  I see on the 'net how to make it, but would like to get some insight from ya'll folks.  40 days at 140 degrees seems tough to maintain.  Thoughts?
  10. cacioepepe

    Healthy Livin'

    So being 29 years old I'm becoming more aware of the effect food and drink have on my body.  I'm still in good enough shape, but am looking for help from all you out there that maintain a healthy lifestyle while working in professional kitchens.  How do you cut the snacking?  Late night meals...
  11. cacioepepe

    Pasta Extruder: Beginning Recipes

    Greetings Chefs, I'm helping to open a new Roman Italian restaurant and although I have experience with fresh hand rolled pastas, I don't have any experience with pasta extruders.  We have a beautiful Emiliomiti extruder with numerous bronze dies.  The guys I'm working with have already begun...
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