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  2. chancellor

    We just lost almost half our kitchen staff...

    :eek: Now, I've done a lot of dumb things (metal in a microwave, etc.) but that's just bonkers. We're gonna be losing two cooks by the end of the month, at least, so while that's not quite half the staff it still stings a bit.
  3. chancellor

    Petrozza got robbed

    Fair enough. :o My brother is in New Jersey right now--he just eats at Chipotle as far as I know :rolleyes: .
  4. chancellor

    Petrozza got robbed

    :cry: Quinn hurt my feeeeelings! :cry:
  5. chancellor

    Petrozza got robbed

    Petrozza was absolutely robbed; that made me so upset! I figure that its more of a curse to win than to lose, so hopefully Louis will do better by himself, and Christina can flounder at the London West Hollywood so Chef Ramsey can just quietly remove her when the cameras are off... :smoking:
  6. chancellor


    Thanks a lot, I'm here to learn as much as can, being relatively new to the industry, and all. :chef:
  7. chancellor

    Who is going to win ****'s Kitchen?

    I love this show! One big reason is that these knuckleheads make me chuckle with their ridiculous mistakes :lol:! I have a feeling that the final four will be Petrozza (who actually seems to know what he's doing), Bobby, Jen (despite herself), and Christina. I can't wait to watch it tomorrow...
  8. chancellor

    Which is your favourite cooking show?

    Lets see: He11's Kitchen Iron Chef (US, Japanese, whatever) No Reservations The F-Word Kitchen Nightmares Top Chef (Although I haven't been watching this season)
  9. chancellor


    Yet another Obsessive-Compulsive wannabe chef to clutter this great forum--I speak of myself, of course. :smoking: Working at a local steak and burger joint in Minnesota as a line cook, and soon to be cooking at a Mexican grill as well, so that should be fun. Love cooking, cooking shows, and...
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