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  1. kingnothing


    I have never purchased or used herring before today. Randomly walking through a market, I noticed an older gentleman purchasing them. This caught my eye as they were really fresh looking and only $7/kg CDN. I ended up purchasing 3 kg as a start for my first herring experience. Pickled herring...
  2. kingnothing

    Mauviel Pans

    Hey Have two questions regarding Mauviel Pans. The first one, and I have googled it and come up dry, is there a way to tell the difference between tin and stainless steel lined pans? Second, which I also tried to check through google images, did Mauviel ever make a 28cm(11") sauté pan with a...
  3. kingnothing

    Tomato Time

    Now that Tomatoes are in full abundance in the northern hemisphere, I wanted to find out some great idea's and recipes for them. Right now I have 6 varieties that I'm growing and trying to come up the perfect use for each variety. They are Juliet (they are a Roma tomato), Money Maker, Siletz...
  4. kingnothing

    White and Black Truffles

    I'm trying to learn more about black and white truffles. Right now I'm vacationing in the Istria region of Croatia where truffles are all over the place. I have used truffle oil for cooking before although only a few times and I have also tasted black truffles only a few times too. Since my...
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