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  1. laprise

    Question for Chefs

    According to ME: If you have learned your trade and have enough culinary skills to be a chef. If you have worked in more than 3 to 5 kitchen over 5 years. If you are a good manager and people wnat to work for you. If you can financially manage your kitchen budget. Well if all those are in line...
  2. laprise

    Barbecue catering events?

    I am getting a large BBQ rig built by a local welder. From my calculation and other rig I think I shoould be able to smoke ribs for 150 people. The main chamber is 30 inch by 60 inch with a fire box of 20 X 20 X 20 inch on a trailer 6 feet wide and 12 feet long. Does anyone have a similar rig...
  3. laprise

    Your Thoughts Please

    If you want to make a good living, make to utilize your kitchen 24/7. That means sell to stuff to the outside world. You can deliver, you can sale to other businesses, you can cater small event... choose what fits for you and your location, but until your kitchen is cooking 24/7 you still have...
  4. laprise

    Are website a must for caterers?

    shroomgirl, I did have a look at your site. I like the color scheme, the easy to navigate button, and overall very a very nice webiste. I DON'T like that you don't have a testamonial page. I ask ALL my clients give me quotes and pictures from the event that I post on that page. Most of the...
  5. laprise

    Profit or else!!

    nicely said! Balance is a must, as long as profit comes:bounce: :bounce:
  6. laprise

    opening a restaurant

    READ THE BIBLE:bounce: because you will need GOD on your side. Did you know that restaurant occupy the number one spot for bankrupcy in AMERICA! 50% of all restaurant will close doors within the first 3 years! good luck!!
  7. laprise

    Do you feel Overworked?

    Once you become a chef in charge of a kitchen with a bunch of cooks working for you: Don’t make one person work 60 hours a week when you can hire one and half worker instead. I know that the labor market is tuff, but it can be done. People that are over worked don’t perform well and may cost you...
  8. laprise

    Are website a must for caterers?

    You don't have to have prices. I do very well without. I find that it cut down on deal seekers. 98% of the inquiry I get are serious and most of time don't ask about prices. They are looking more about a service and/or a personnality than deal. But that's my area! Even my menu is obsolite...
  9. laprise

    Are website a must for caterers?

    I won't do that again! I just liked the color:)
  10. laprise

    HS Culinary SP ED teacher here

    I am not from California or a certifed instructor, but I teach an after school programm for kids 7 to 11 years old. I love it! I don't do it for money, I do it for fun. Maybe that's why I love it:talk: Keep your head up... soon you will have a bunch of new kids and maybe they will be...
  11. laprise

    your Business

    For many years I was in the rat race to BECOME!! Now at 41 years old, I am very happy to be a private chef for hire. I cook for dinner parties and give private cooking classes in people's home and LOVE every minute of it! CLients ask me all the time, do like what you do... my answer is simple...
  12. laprise

    Starting my first cooking job

    Anytime you start a new job, it's a time for you to find out if you like the work environment and for them to see if they like you and your work. The first 2 to 3 months should give you a pretty good idea. It's hard to see a menu and decide your future. So try it out and see if it is for you...
  13. laprise

    Are website a must for caterers?

    Google Analytics is the best to help you target your clients. check it out. I have set up my website with it, and now I get great reports and I rank highier. Most restaurant have website now, so if you know more about ranking it could add a skill to your resume. ciao,
  14. laprise

    introduction and a question

    there is enough places in needs of cooks, you should not do it for free. You should never work for free by principal. If you get hurt, you need to be a normal employee to get insurance to cover you. When you say for free to an employer, they either think great I will save money and make you...
  15. laprise

    considering culinary career...

    Follow your passion, but do understand that the schedule is way different and the money too. Lief is too short to be wanting a change a your life. Go for it NOW. Make sure to have a talk with your wife before hand as this change will ultimately affect her a lot as you won't be home for dinner...
  16. laprise

    Did you Know?

    Most employees accross America, when asked about what did would like to change about their job, the number one thing was not more money, but a better schedule. SO, to all the chefs and futute chefs keep this in mind, the schedule is a great tool to retain your staff longer. If you flex your...
  17. laprise

    Price for Designing a Menu

    I would charge $35 an hour! Keep track of every hour you work on it! Once you are done look at the total and decide if you want to give this friend a break with a discount. But make sure your friend see how much time you did spend on it... To keep your friend it is important that you charge...
  18. laprise

    Are website a must for caterers?

    I am a private chef and I have found that my website is the most important marketing tool for my company. The only issue is that people need to find my website or else it is absolutely useless! So my questions is this::D Does anyone knows how to rank highier on search engine beside key words...
  19. laprise

    Some basic starting questions.

    Maybe in Las Vegas! Salary can very a fair bit from one area to another. BUT in general, fresh out of school cook don't make loads of money in our industry. Now, it is all relative, high money for you may not mean high money for someone else.:crazy: The best way to know about salaries, is to...
  20. laprise

    Did you Know?

    I would like this thread to be used for learning : SO I will kick it off with this... It was proven scientificaly that chopped onions will caramelize faster if you had salt at the beggining.:smiles: Anyone else want to share knowledge with others?? Ciao,
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