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  1. starlite

    Isn't anyone else single???

    I sure see a lot of talk about marriage etc., so I'm wondering if anyone else is single around here or am I the only one??? (actually, I'm divorced, but it's almost 16 years...):rolleyes:
  2. starlite

    Cutting fresh bread

    I've just begun purchasing frozen bread dough to bake bread as near to fresh as I can. (chicken to try it from scratch because I never worked with yeast) Well, I bought five loaves of Rhodes and it tastes wonderful, but I CAN'T CUT IT!! I have an awful mess when I try to cut two slices for a...
  3. starlite


    I have a question I simply cannot find the answer to. Strawberries are mainly made up of seeds - the seeds make the strawberry a strawberry, so what happens and how do we get seedless strawberry jam or what have you? Thanks - this one has had me stumped for a long time! :confused:
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