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  1. josh1110

    Need help getting more people to come in and apply.

    Hey guys,  work in a fairly big resturaunt and during this time we are looking to hire a few new people to get prepaired for the summer madness. I was wondering what some of you do to get people to come in and apply.. So far we have used craiglist, facebook aswell as giving staff a bonus if...
  2. josh1110

    I need some help getting my numbers down

    Hey everybody! Hopefully this is the right section ,if not im terribly sorry and feel free to remove it. I'll keep this short and sweet as best as i can. So anyways somebody in the kitchen I work for got some product for a family event and asked me to calculate how much it would cost him for...
  3. josh1110

    Long Hair Kitchen Partners

    I'm not a professional chef or even close, but since you guys are the top cooks in the buissness, whats your take on cooks with long hair? I saw a thread similar to this but did not want to change the subject of that thread. Do you mind having kitchen staff in your kitchen with long hair? Most...
  4. josh1110

    Worst things about being a Pastry Chef

    There is a thread exactly like this in the "Professional Chef" section, so I thought it would be cool hearing things pastry chefs hate. not a professional cook, nor pastry chef but am curious to see the disadvantages of both careers
  5. josh1110

    Window gardening

    Due to limited space and rodents eating everything I plant outside, I have to grow from my window. Any recommendations on whats easy to grow from a window?
  6. josh1110

    Is Culinary school right for me?

    I'm currently in grade 12 and am trying to decide what to do after highschool. At first I thought maybe becoming a police officer or going into a trade, so I tried a plumbing apprenticship at my school which was one full semester and I passed it but didn't really have a feel for the trades. In...
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