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    Anyone settle this debate?

    Brewery beer cooler, holds beer and kegs, can you put food in same cooler? We're kind of split on this
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    Our existing menu says we usour beer in our BBQ sauce,(wings) beer cheese dip (cream cheese base, served warm) and beer cheese soup- but cooks stopped adding beer to any of these before I started, they said the bbq sauce goes bad too quickly and the dip and soup separate and can't be hot held...
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    Vendor input/involvement?

    Opinions plse - salesman for vendor seems to be fully integrated into this place I've been for 3 months. Personally, I prefer an online app and a guy you can ask questions if needed- but I hate pushy, I can't stand wasting time listening to them try to trick you into buying something you know...
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    the only way this could be successful is if it were a reality show.

    I really wish I'd started a blog at the beginning. I retired from crazy restaurant life a few years ago, managed a private school cafeteria, was like a little personal cafe, and my customers were under the age of 12. Loved it. Our accountant, and eventually friend at the school told me her...
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    Hey how are ya

    New here, 25 yrs experience variety of kitchens- hipster pizza joints, chain family restaurants, school cafeteria manager.... Joined because may be taking on a new venture but it's a sticky situation. Will write more later. Thanks for adding me
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