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    Anyone settle this debate?

    Thanks! I don't think it's a local issue either. Our walk in for food is 1/6 the size of the beer cooler, and it's very old and needs serviced often. New awesome chef says screw that noise, we're claiming a corner, lol.
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    Anyone settle this debate?

    Brewery beer cooler, holds beer and kegs, can you put food in same cooler? We're kind of split on this
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    Possessive Title

    Ugh- the guy who managed kitchen before me was so guilty of this- and it's part of the reason he turned everyone off. I think it's something insecure people do to make themselves sound important. Unless it IS indeed their kitchen. It's too familiar for someone who hasn't earned it.
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    Our existing menu says we usour beer in our BBQ sauce,(wings) beer cheese dip (cream cheese base, served warm) and beer cheese soup- but cooks stopped adding beer to any of these before I started, they said the bbq sauce goes bad too quickly and the dip and soup separate and can't be hot held...
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    Vendor input/involvement?

    Well today the big insult was owner brought something from supplier to observe dinner to gives tips and suggestions on how to be more efficient- which is what I was hired for and have done a damned good job so far- but the twist? It backfired- guy agreed with me ! He backed up everything I've...
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    Vendor input/involvement?

    Opinions plse - salesman for vendor seems to be fully integrated into this place I've been for 3 months. Personally, I prefer an online app and a guy you can ask questions if needed- but I hate pushy, I can't stand wasting time listening to them try to trick you into buying something you know...
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    This sounds exactly like what I'm going through right now. It sucks!!
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    Following my ambition, tell me what to know for day 1

    Imma cover basic basics..Practice swearing. A lot. If you don't know what to do, clean. Refill anything you use. Rotate. Never put newer product above old. Take a food safety course. Don't be afraid of hot stuff. You'll soon lose all feeling in your finger tips and can impress friends at parties...
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    Is food borne illness a made up American/ Western idea?

    I often wonder the same. I wonder if we've become so unhealthy we canyc tolerate a GD thing .my ex grew up practically Amish. He would eat anything in spite of how long it sat out, as long as it didn't smell or look gross. Never sick. IIalso think it's generational. Us older folks remember a...
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    the only way this could be successful is if it were a reality show.

    Good advice. I'll delete thread after I screenshot responses. What I say will likely not matter though. Everyone who has told them these very things are who they get rid of because they "don't respect them". Um I'll probably just tell them I got an amazing offer I can't turn down . (I...
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    the only way this could be successful is if it were a reality show.

    This sums it up in one post!! !Thank you!!. Truly. I've been losing confidence and questioning my sanity. You all have helped me so much!!
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    the only way this could be successful is if it were a reality show.

    I'm am the 5th in two years! As in they've fired/quit. They fired last one right as new menu was put out- so I'm also expected to create recipies for existing menu items as they are not written, and enter into pos system I had no training for. They hire, expect too much, then fire. I knew it was...
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    the only way this could be successful is if it were a reality show.

    She's already told me she'd understand if I bailed, and apologized just the other day. Said if she'd realized what a lousy show it had become she'd never have gotten me involved. I wondered too as they seem to care less about the success of the place than we do, yet have unrealistic expectations...
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    the only way this could be successful is if it were a reality show.

    They've heard it from every single one (it's a pattern I was made aware of early on) and though they basically let go of anyone who disagrees, the only advantage I have is I have experience in corporate openings as a trainer, and I'm treating this as such. I know how to set up stations...
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    the only way this could be successful is if it were a reality show.

    I really wish I'd started a blog at the beginning. I retired from crazy restaurant life a few years ago, managed a private school cafeteria, was like a little personal cafe, and my customers were under the age of 12. Loved it. Our accountant, and eventually friend at the school told me her...
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    Hey how are ya

    New here, 25 yrs experience variety of kitchens- hipster pizza joints, chain family restaurants, school cafeteria manager.... Joined because may be taking on a new venture but it's a sticky situation. Will write more later. Thanks for adding me
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    Huge, MEGA huge dilemma. Help me out guys?

    If it's not about money it's obvious. The kitchen will always be there. My brother's family fell apart because he chose full time musician over wife and kids. He learned his lesson the hard way, because now a single dad he CAN'T play out because he doesn't want to leave kids with sitters. Harsh...
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