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    To approach a lazy coworker?

    I understand not everyone has the same passion/interest in the kitchen as I do. For most it's just a job for now. But I have a lazy coworker who is driving me nuts. We're both lead line cooks, but he considers himself kitchen manager when our boss isn't there. I don't understand where this...
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    looking for summer internship ideas. Help!

    Hey there, i'm searching for somewhere to do my summer internship at and was wondering if anyone had any tips on restaurants to check out? I'm located in WA state and possibly willing to travel (would love to but depends on travel/housing costs to area)). Mostly I want to have a good summer...
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    make a career out of cooking

    I'm curious on peoples opinions on making cooking their career. And seeking advice on ways to succeed and have a fun career with it. I've worked in kitchens for a few years now and have worked my way up to being a line cook. Lately i've been thinking instead of continuing in college (university...
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