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  1. someday

    Question on Freeze brining

    I don’t think it would wor my man. If you put enough salt/sugar In the water to lower the freezing point it would affect the flavor too much. And I also doubt the brine would penetrate the frozen flesh anyways. Your best bet would be to brine either before or after it’s frozen. The freezing...
  2. someday

    Pot roast came out greasy?

    You could also try a leaner cut of meat, though it runs the risk of tasting quite dry once cooked. Look for like eye of round or bottom round. It’ll be less tasty but it will be a lot less fatty. your chuck was likely still a little tough because it was undercooked. Tough meat like that takes a...
  3. someday

    Question on Freeze brining

    If the water and fish are both frozen how do you expect that the saltwater will transfer between the two? You would just have a piece of fish frozen in a block of ice with no benefit.
  4. someday

    Hot Cocoa in Airpot?

    It would help if you told us how you make it. There is a big difference between Swiss Miss and homemade
  5. someday

    Full sheet pizza dough recipe?

    Damn I’ll have to try it!
  6. someday

    Help with job title and description for startup?

    You wrote that big wall of text, with a lot of buzzwords thrown around, and I’m still not sure I have any idea what you are looking for. You want a chef who can develop the menus and cook for a cafe, and for catering, and coffee, and grab and go, while simultaneously serving customers, doing...
  7. someday

    Full sheet pizza dough recipe?

    I’m skeptical of that myself…I make sheet pan pizza at work for staff often, unfortunately I usually kind of wing it lol so I don’t have a recipe.
  8. someday

    Confit byaldi

    A little late to the party here so this might be too late, but have you considered making individual biyaldis in molds and then just bake then a la minute? That might not work as it would be laborious, but it might look better on the pate if you aren't fussing around with too many moving parts...
  9. someday

    James Bond Cooing Theme - Need help.

    after you make your mousseline pass it through a tamis once or twice. Should work. Make sure your ratio of cream/eggs is on point too...hard to tell from the pic but they don't look bound together very well either. You might try only using your lean white fish for the mousseline (catfish), but...
  10. someday

    Trimming oxtail for a braise?

    Those look good for sure, but $10+/lb is WAAAAYYY too much money to pay for oxtails, damn. Is that how much they're going for now days? They used to practically give that away.
  11. someday

    Tasting Interview

    This is a very broad question and hard to answer. What are your limitations on equipment? How long are they giving you? Do you shop yourself or do they provide the product? Can you order product or are you expected to just use what they have on hand? Where is this restaurant located? What is...
  12. someday

    Venison Foreleg?

    Ah, that's good info. I'm assuming that's only for wild Venison? I assumed we were talking about farm raised Venison, but I probably shouldn't have. I also didn't realize it was a FOREleg, somehow my brain processed that it was just a "leg" so I was picturing a hind leg.
  13. someday

    Would you eat there again if...?

    Dude if it's that bad you might wanna put a call into the DoH. I know you care about them and like them as people but man, they could really get someone sick (or even kill someone). I'm usually pretty forgiving for minor issues when I eat out (I know how hard restaurants can be) but that one...
  14. someday

    Venison Foreleg?

    How big is it? I would bone it out...nice bigger muscles would get chunked and braised in a stew or chili type something. Bone for stock, for the stew or chili. The rest I would turn into grind and make sausage, or patties for sliders or burgers. (you would need to add fat to this mix) If...
  15. someday

    Sous Vide Question

    "bacteria farm" is a scare tactic dude--how can something be a bacteria farm if it kills all the bacteria and pasteurizes the product? Those two things aren't compatible. Also, just to be clear, 145f isn't in the TDZ. (not that it matters, you can pasteurize an egg as low as 135f if you wanted)...
  16. someday

    Sous Vide Question

    "bacteria farm?" Lol, guys. Stop with the scare tactics. Sous viding a bunch of eggs is no more difficult than hard boiling a bunch of eggs, you're just dealing with different times and temperatures. Boiling eggs is one of the easiest things you can ever cook, you guys act like it's translating...
  17. someday

    Sous Vide Question

    That's another way of saying that eggs that are cooked sous vide for 1 hour at 145f are safe to eat. What? You DON'T STAND OVER THE CONTAINER FOR AN HOUR WATCHING THEM COOK. Are you drunk? There is a machine that keeps the water a steady temperature, you do know that, right? If you can boil an...
  18. someday

    Sous Vide Question

    You're talking out your behind, buddy. It's not condescension or're just WRONG. Again, you don't appear to know what you're talking about related to sous vide. I've written HAACP plans for sous vide as well, that weren't rejected... A properly sous vide egg (say, once cooked at...
  19. someday

    Sous Vide Question

    I see the "back in my day" crowd is out in full force. You sous vide the eggs ahead of time...not to order. You can do a few dozen or a few thousand (as long as you have the space), it doesn't matter. Once they are cooked you can hold them for service in large batches for hours if needed. If...
  20. someday

    How to make the most potato-y mashed potatoes?

    try fortifying your milk/cream with potato peels and/or scraps to make a quick potato "stock" that you can use to add to and thin out your mash.
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