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  1. wyandotte

    Condensed milk VS home-reduced milk

    Hi. I seem unable to find an answer to this: is there a difference between using a can of condensed milk that you buy at the store, and reducing milk on your stove top by simmering and stirring for a long time? I have a weird recipe for a melon pudding, which tells us to take 3 cups of milk...
  2. wyandotte

    Need a certain kind of cutting board.

    My heavy, old, not-laminated cutting board turns to bits of fine sawdust when I use the knives I like best: the ultra sharp serrated kind. Can anyone recommend a board that won't do that. Good quality plastic is okay tho I kind of like wood. Or whatever you think. Thanks. PS. I'm not...
  3. wyandotte

    Macaroni & Cheese - type of pasta.

    Hi, kids. I would like some advice. I want to make macaroni & cheese, the old fashioned kind you bake in the oven, using Fannie Farmer's Classic Baked Macaroni & Cheese recipe. All I have on hand in the way of pasta is boxes & boxes of Penne Rigate and don't want to buy macaroni if I don't...
  4. wyandotte

    Sona Masoori rice

    I found a 20-lb bag of the above Indian rice at a south Asian store.  Does anyone here know about it?  The grains are the tiniest I have ever seen in a rice.  This is truly the nicest, tastiest, most satisfying rice I've ever eaten.  FWIW.  I saw mention of it on a website devoted to the...
  5. wyandotte

    Pie Crust

    Hi.  I am on the hunt for improved pie crusts (i.e., nothing can possibly go wrong).  I found something interesting in my voluminous box of recipes which mentions to "rub the pie crust with egg white [before prebaking for a pumpkin pie]". What would be the purpose of this?  We are to prebake...
  6. wyandotte

    Old world cooking or using technology what do you prefer?

    I may have asked this years ago, but I still wonder about what other people do. Is there anyone here (excluding the professionals) who prefers to make pastries, cakes, cookies,  etc. using old fashioned tools, ie, no electric mixer of any kind; and only an old fashioned eggbeater?  Cuz that's...
  7. wyandotte


    Hi.  I bought a jar of (organically grown) cardamom pods and would like to have the cardamom in the form of a powder, for baking as well as making tea. It's not clear to me if I should put the entire pods (which contain little seeds) into my little grinder, or if I have to manually open the...
  8. wyandotte

    Marcella Hazan dies.,0,7215520.story Anyone here have her cookbooks and what do you think of them?
  9. wyandotte

    Return to truly simple cooking, always, at home.

    Anybody here who's had enough of complexity and artistry  in food preparation?  I mean home cooks. (I know that the pro chefs have to cater to gourmet eaters and their endless need for more and more intense food experiences in terms of novelty in taste and appearance.) After a few years of...
  10. wyandotte

    Your favourite food/dish that you can't prepare yourself.

    Is there a dish/food that you absolutely love, but can't prepare yourself, or won't, because it is too much work for your level of skill? Mine is vegetable samosas. I've tried, but it takes a certain twist of the wrist, maybe it helps to be Asian Indian. So I buy them but wish I didn't have to.
  11. wyandotte

    Cucumber - historic recipe - need advice!

    For those of us who are fed up with eating a load of raw cucs from our gardens and want to try something new & different, here is an antique recipe for "forcing" a cucumber, ie,  drill a hole through it, stuff with crumbs, onions & herbs, then close it and steam it till lightly cooked. However...
  12. wyandotte

    Request for info.

    This is not a cookbook review & I hope this question is okay here beause it is about a cookbook - but one whose title I don't know. Years ago I briefly glanced at a newspaper review of a book by a chef in some big city hoity toity restaurant, in which he described his work and apparently...
  13. wyandotte

    Prevention of cuts to finger - mesh glove?

    I did a search of "injuries" but the best discussions seem to be in the Professional section, where I am not supposed to post. On Dec. 31st I was cutting vegetables too fast & carelessly with a new sharp knife, and sheared off a nice segment of the nailbed of my left hand middle finger.  I...
  14. wyandotte

    Arrangement of cutlery & dishes (place settings)

    Is there a section here on how to arrange dishes & cutlery on the table when you are having a brief meal not according to the usual salad-soup-entree etc etc menu?  Tks. If there is such a discussion, I have not been able to find it. 
  15. wyandotte


    How many of you buy your nuts in the shell then shell them yourself when you are baking?  I'm starting to buy ingredients for Christmas and was wondering if maybe I should take a crack at it. (heh heh).  There's so much talk about the lack of freshness of shelled nuts (unless it's from a health...
  16. wyandotte

    If you don't have a food processor...

    For Christmas, I want to make Pumpkin Bars.  This requires a hazelnut base that you bake first, before putting the pumpkin puree mixture in and baking again. You are supposed to do this: Place the [coarsely] chopped hazelnuts, flour, and salt in the bowl of your food processor fitted with a...
  17. wyandotte

    Mushy Peas.

    Why do they tell you that you have to soak the hard dry peas in Baking Soda?  I would rather not do this, as I am not sure what the effect would be from a health standpoint.
  18. wyandotte

    Noodles - what's the difference?

    I just bought some 1/4" wide ("Medium Oriental Dried Noodle", 5 lb. box) Chinese Noodles, the kind you have to cook for only 3 minutes or so. The only ingredients are "wheat flour" and water. Can anyone here tell me why Oriental noodles are so very, very white whereas the equivalent western...
  19. wyandotte

    Howdy, Folks.

    My name is Betty and I like to garden so we can eat tasty vegetables and fruit.  I like making things from scratch, my favourite being Soup.  Meatless vegetable soup.  At this time of year, everything in the garden is ripe and mostly plucked so this is a time of endless soup making for me. Hope...
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