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  1. mrgalup

    *Actual Pro Standards* for Carbon Steel Seasoning

    Hey all, Long time lurker with only a few posts. I’m an avid home cook with almost exclusively carbon steel and cast iron (both high quality), and I have come to the following question: In a pro kitchen or in a pro’s home kitchen, how much worry or perfection goes into the smoothness of...
  2. mrgalup

    Multiple Stocks in Pro Kitchens

    Hi all, I am an avid home cook, so this could definitely be a noob question, but as I am binge watching Iron Chef, it seems that it is de facto that the chefs have numerous stocks and/or sauces which factor into multiple dishes, perhaps specialized to go with a dish (e.g. Parmesan broth...
  3. mrgalup

    Dust on Staub ECI

    Hi all, Let me preface this by saying I am not of the mindset of having immaculate-looking cookware - they are just wonderful and beautiful tools which help us yield the food we cook in my mind. Onto my question... I recently got a Staub dutch oven in graphite, and so far I love the way it...
  4. mrgalup

    Thinning Starchy Water

    Hi all, I am an avid home cook but definitely no pro, so please forgive me if there is an obvious answer to my question. I recently made one pan pasta ( and really enjoyed the simplicity and freshness, however, the pasta's starch...
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