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  1. laprise

    Barbecue catering events?

    I am getting a large BBQ rig built by a local welder. From my calculation and other rig I think I shoould be able to smoke ribs for 150 people. The main chamber is 30 inch by 60 inch with a fire box of 20 X 20 X 20 inch on a trailer 6 feet wide and 12 feet long. Does anyone have a similar rig...
  2. laprise

    Do you feel Overworked?

    Once you become a chef in charge of a kitchen with a bunch of cooks working for you: Don’t make one person work 60 hours a week when you can hire one and half worker instead. I know that the labor market is tuff, but it can be done. People that are over worked don’t perform well and may cost you...
  3. laprise

    Are website a must for caterers?

    I am a private chef and I have found that my website is the most important marketing tool for my company. The only issue is that people need to find my website or else it is absolutely useless! So my questions is this::D Does anyone knows how to rank highier on search engine beside key words...
  4. laprise

    Did you Know?

    I would like this thread to be used for learning : SO I will kick it off with this... It was proven scientificaly that chopped onions will caramelize faster if you had salt at the beggining.:smiles: Anyone else want to share knowledge with others?? Ciao,
  5. laprise

    Profit or else!!

    To all the student out there, how important is it to make profit in the kitchen? Do you think that you could loose your job as a chef if your kitchen don't make profits at the end of the year? I am asking, because reccently I had a cook who told me that the most important thing in a...
  6. laprise

    Follow up is number one!

    It's one of the most powerful tool in any kitchen, yet many chefs are really bad at it... Once you give specific direction to your team, if they know that you won't follow up to see if it was done the right way, what do thing is going to happen. It's a normal human behavior, if no one is going...
  7. laprise

    The great Culinary Couple Smackdown!

    One night I was coming back from a customer's house and I could not believe how much everyone at the dinner were fans of "Iron Chef" SO, I have come up with a new product for this year "The Great Culinary Couple Smackdown" The customer will invite a few couples to challenge each other in a...
  8. laprise

    Chef in BIG Business!

    Hey, check this link... #80 PROFIT GUIDE 2005 This is a chef company in the Maritime (East Canada) They have a growing business...
  9. laprise

    Body Odor!

    When I speak in school about becoming a chef, to keep the student captivated, I make them do role playing: Today, I had one girl play the head chef, and she had to tell one of her great cook that she had received complaints from other cooks about his body odor! This was hilarious, she(head...
  10. laprise

    Is Valentine's Day a big deal for your kitchen??

    I have yet to book Valentine's Day:eek: Last year it booked up right away... So far in February, I have booked 6 dinners parties and 6 speaking engagement, BUT NO ONE for the love day:crazy: Is Valentine's Day a big deal for your respective kitchen?
  11. laprise

    Culinary Computer Games?

    I was surfing the other day and I found out about this game called: "Restaurant Empire" Does anyone own it and is it a cool game ? and Do you know any other cool culinary computer games?
  12. laprise

    How Much did your School Cost ?

    Looking back, do you feel that the price is relative to what you got?
  13. laprise

    How to create better wages for Cooks?

    A greate way to help this situation is for head chefs to only hire certified cooks in their kitchens. The more restaurants hires non-certified cooks, the more it undermine our industry and skills. I am all for hiring apprentices, but that's it. Everyone else should be certified!
  14. laprise

    Best advice for a starting cook!

    Dear Mr.Bayless, how long did it take you to beocome famous? have a great day, and thank you for doing this, it can really inspire young cooks and chefs out there... :chef:
  15. laprise

    Dating Co-workers!

    I always had a hard time when two of my cooks or one of my cooks and a server would start dating. I am usually happy for them because I know that a cook will always perform better behind the stove:roll: but at the same time it always place me in a tuff spot when I had to fire one or the other...
  16. laprise

    Is you chef or sous-chef driving you crazy?

    I work for myself now, so I no longer have to deal with chef or sous-chef, but I remember years ago, there was days when I really wanted to hurt my boss:):) He was one of those chef who would drive you crazy with the way he ran his kitchen. I finally got promoted to sous-chef, and still he...
  17. laprise

    Are you a CIA NY student?

    Hello, I am looking for information about the CIA NY. If you are a first year students, please let me know. Chef Martin
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