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  1. happyhelen

    Economic & inspiring lunch ideas for teenages

    I have volunteered to support my local school's cafeteria.  I have some knowledge of healthy, nutritious meals but am looking for ideas that may be new and fresh for this coming academic year's lunch menu.  The school competes very heavily with Subway, Tim Hortons, a fish n chip shop and a take...
  2. happyhelen

    What footwear do you use in the kitchen?

    I suffer from Plantar Fasciitis and need really good supportive footwear that are suitable for use in the kitchen.  Can anyone recommend me a particular brand or style to help me get through my shift?
  3. happyhelen

    How to stop your Guacamole from turning brown

    Please share your ideas on how to prevent guacamole from turning brown.  I have one helpful hint which I will share later on but am very keen to hear others........
  4. happyhelen

    I'm so excited!!

    Hello Chef Talk Community!  I have years of cooking experience: first owning my own baker (never having baked anything before!), then being the Cook for a Preschool while also making traditional English foods (yes I am English!) and selling privately to those who missed English food!  I am...
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