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  1. wizcat3

    Bleach Formula?

    H, Just came back from visiting a friend and she was cleaning her chix prep board with vinegar water. OOPs! So I told her the :lol: health dept super should not come today. She does not have the sanitation system that the prof kitchens have. I cant remember the formula of Bleach to water...
  2. wizcat3

    Animal in the Kitchen

    I just recently closed the restaurant after 2yrs and 9mos, sad but thats another story. I found that a "R" or a "M" had eaten a golf ball size whole in the corner of an unopened 11# block of white chocolate. This shelf was 6ft high. What do you think I should do? Should I just toss the whole...
  3. wizcat3

    Cast Iron Grill Pans

    Just caught up on some of the posts that I havent read for some time now. Im really busy at the restaurant/bakery (I own now two years) I just started dinners in Oct for the first time in the history of the building. So there is not alot of time to have fun at Chef Talk, sorry to say. Here I...
  4. wizcat3

    scoop and bake muffin mix

    I own a bakery and want to get muffins in and out of the oven quickly in the am. I can buy from my distributor any number of scoop and bake mixes. However, I prefer to make it myself. Does anyone know if I can take my recipe and mix the dry and wet ingredients together once a week ,for ex...
  5. wizcat3

    white chocolate help

    Help !!! I am making a white chocolate cream cheese frosting and the whole thing broke due to the chocolate being too hot, I think. I now need to know how to bring it back. I need to finish this cake today. Any help WILL be appreciated greatly. W
  6. wizcat3

    Pork Belly

    Hi everyone! Its been a long time since I last posted. I now finally have a restaurant and have had a very busy 1st year. We served breakfast and lunch up until now. We open for dinner in about two wks. I have waited to own a restaurant for years, and finally I found one that 1) I could...
  7. wizcat3

    coconut shelling

    I watched the Gale Gand Show on food tv yesterday and she was demonstrating how to seperate the shell from the meatof a coconut. It was really amazing. I had never heard of this method. Here goes: Char the out side of the whole coconut on top of the flame of a gas stove until its totally...
  8. wizcat3

    professional kitchen

    Question: For those of you who work in the professional kitchen as the Pastry Chef,what seems to be your biggest beef about: menu, help, space? This doesnt have to be a rant session, but, it would be interesting to see how other PC's work in their kitchen and what their problems are. Any...
  9. wizcat3

    cook book translations

    Am I crazy or not? But, didn't I read somewhere in Chef Talk about a web site that would translate text for you. I've tried to search myself but I only find ones that you have to pay for the goods. I desperately need some things translated. Thanks for anyones help W
  10. wizcat3

    Let's Talk Gravlax

    :bounce: I made gravlax for a party I catered. It was great and all liked it. However I would, myself, preferred to have it taste more salty. I have made this before several times and always wanted it to change in some way or other. You might say I have been experimenting. I like what I...
  11. wizcat3

    chocolate resources in nyc

    I need to locate chocolate in nyc in small amts. I would like to use Cocoa Barry and Valhrona cocoa powder. I did a quick search, but came up with nothing. I dont want to go through large restaurant resources as I have to buy too much. This is choc for 4 --10" layers. I have only one week...
  12. wizcat3

    wedding cake

    My niece is getting married IN July at a New Jersey Beach and is planning to use butter cream for her wedding cake. As I know, this could be a disaster due to the time of the year. She didnt realize that the air conditioning may not keep it cool enough. She was planning to display it through...
  13. wizcat3

    why? Devils Food

    Why is Devils Food Cake called Devils Food? I recently went on a hunt for a great chocolate cake. I was bored with the usual genoise, flourless, sponge, etc. And, my devils food cake isnt that great either. In my travels in the City, I found the cake of cakes. No wonder its considered the...
  14. wizcat3

    substitute for pectin

    You all may remember that in recently I started to work at a Kosher restaurant. Things have been very interesting, mostly with the chef and he has left. I actually like the owner/chef and things are much much better. I still have some problems with the ingredients. Pectin for things like...
  15. wizcat3

    cooking questions

    Does anyone have a receipe for Pate a Fruit without using apple pectin. Cant use pectin because its not kosher. Ive tried to make this with only using apples, but it burns before it gels. Paris Gourmet said they had a receipe on there web, but I could not find it. Thanks for your help W
  16. wizcat3


    Creme Chiboust is a psstry cream with gelatin and an Italian Meringue folded into to it. I cant remember exactly how to use it. Im talking about a birthday cake. I dont have access to my books. I need to make a cake using it. Can anyone answer me tonight? Thanks for helping Wiz:chef:
  17. wizcat3

    Late nite cafe

    Hi all, I am so confused and aggravated and with what is happening when I post a reply. I am being booted almost 75% of the time. I know you all are not that kind of people. I need to know who I can Pm or email to get this corrected. I think it has something to do with my cookies. But my...
  18. wizcat3


    I have an interview tomorrow with a Kosher restaurant and I would like to know about the ingredients to use for pastries. My husband is Jewish but cannot tell me anything. I dont have too much time tonite to investigate things like chocolate and the use of butter and etc. Id like to sound...
  19. wizcat3

    knives for the prof kit

    I worked in a kitchen where there was a knive service once a week. This sounds great but two days into the week the knives were really dull. The cooks always complained, and at one time some who could afford, brought their own to use. Alot of nervousness gererated because of theft...
  20. wizcat3

    buying a restaurant

    has anyone tried to buy a restaurant? Lets talk aboout this!
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