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  1. iampam

    Pop up dinner advertising?

    Having a pop up soon, what are the best ways you have found to advertise for it?
  2. iampam

    Pop up restaurants/bars

    Was wondering if any of you have started/been involved in a pop up? Do you need to go through health services/alcohol control/law enforcement(fire code)/insurance? You need a hood system right? Been thinking about starting one but don't want to get shut down as soon as the doors open because I...
  3. iampam

    Any chefs in Japan? Foreigners working in japan?

    hello, Im an american chef in vail,co. I am traveling to tokyo on november 18 and was hoping to get a cook/chef position somewhere in tokyo. I was wondering if you absolutly need a visa or if you can just get paid under the table? Also how hard is it for an american to get a job over there? Thanks!
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