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  1. shunofthedead

    What grit water stone?

    Hi I have a question about what grit water stone i should buy. I have just purchased a new-west knife-works "the 9" and i also bought the DS4 Diamond Steel. My question is since the diamond steel sharpens as opposed to honing do I need to only get a polishing water stone with a high number grit...
  2. shunofthedead


    I agree with the less cuts always the burns comment, as my knife skills got better I cut my self far less, but I always have spotted forearms, the worst is when you know you are going to get burned because you are trying to save something form getting messed up or messy, but you cant stop...
  3. shunofthedead

    New to cheftalk

    From my personal experience, having a culinary degree is just a way to get your foot in the door and for networking. I have no degree but was willing to start as a dishwasher and within months worked my way up to the line in a fine dinning restaurant. I just proved my skills by offering to help...
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    Shun Onion 4.jpg

  5. shunofthedead

    finding work as a cook/chef in a new city

    Halmstad, mind if I ask what you hated about your job cooking for corporate execs?
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