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  1. racineboxer

    Home cook looking for first real knife

    I like 210mm (8+") or 240mm (9.5") for a home all purpose gyuto. I understand why some recommend the 270's (10.6") I just find them huge.  To each their own. I actually have a pretty spacious kitchen/cooking area, with a boardsmith 22x16" board and I reach for a 210 quite a bit. That's what...
  2. racineboxer

    Home cook looking for first real knife

    I now see Steve might want to keep it down around $100 and western handled.  It seems like Steve is somewhat flexible on pricing though :) I owned a Carbonext and loved it as a cutter.  It was much better, again, than some more expensive knives I owned.  I would highly recommend the carbonext...
  3. racineboxer

    Home cook looking for first real knife

    Steve, the things you are looking for in a knife are similar to what I wanted in a knife. I spent a little over a year buying different knives, visiting a local knife guru (saltydog/idiotking) and playing with his knives, spending countless hours on forums, and just searching for what I wanted...
  4. racineboxer

    [RECOMMEND POST] Decent wa-gyuto for the moderate knife lover

    I went through about a half dozen gyuto's in the $120-210 range and my favorite is the Yoshihiro stainless. 210mm:  $145 240mm:  $155...
  5. racineboxer

    The battle still continues? Japanese vs. European knives?

    With the 3 restaurants I have some experience working in (USA), I agree with duckfat and foodpump, and that is that the knives are supplied by the kitchen and are typically beaters.  A funny exception would be Salty's restaurant that many folks know from the various forums.  I've been there 3...
  6. racineboxer

    Couple knife/sharpening questions.....

    What's your take on the balance between convexing a knife to reduce sticking vs having it dead flat to minimize wedging?  Seems some of the nicest knives I've had my hands on had a nice convex grind.  
  7. racineboxer

    Best stainless yo-gyuto on the 250-300 U.S.D ?

    Hi Louis, My recommendation for the Hiro AS was based on your priorities which you said were: -Has to be able to get scary sharp. -Easy to get that sharp. -Good edge retention. In my personal opinion, the AS super core of the Hiromoto AS would be a huge step up from some of the stainless...
  8. racineboxer

    Best stainless yo-gyuto on the 250-300 U.S.D ?

    I'm not sure if workhorse+stainless+super sharp/edge retention is a combination that is all that common to find.  It seems to me that most people who want super sharp/edge retention will go with carbon or semi-stainless and often go with thinner knives. Perhaps the Hiromoto AS might be a knife...
  9. racineboxer

    Richmond Ultimatum

    Where are the reviews of the Ultimatum?  I haven't seen any yet.  In the link at the beginning of this thread there was just a video and there are videos for darn near everything on CKTG.  I'd love to read a review where someone is blowing smoke up the rear end of this knife talking about how...
  10. racineboxer

    Best stainless yo-gyuto on the 250-300 U.S.D ?

    Do you want thin or do you want everyday workhorse?
  11. racineboxer

    Richmond Ultimatum

    Nice handle.  Somewhat thick and sturdy with a significant distal taper to a long, pointy, thin tip.  A workhorse type knife.  I'd like to see a little better finish on the blade grind for $200.  Overall a nice knife and made in the U.S.A. is kinda cool and somewhat rare these days.
  12. racineboxer

    Looking for a new gyuto and need advice on Japanese cutlery.

    Usually laser and a knife with a bit of weight to it are mutually exclusive. Laser = thin which also = light. You can work the weight issue one way or the other with your handle selection.  I western style knife will often out weigh it's wa handled sister by 25%. I've never used a Hattori FH...
  13. racineboxer

    Keep my Shun Premiers? Or...

    The problem with this is that it's pretty darn hard to understand the nuances of different knives until you actually use them. I've skimmed this thread 3 times and I'm not sure I understand what you are even looking for in a knife. Speaking specifically of your main gyuto: 1. Do you want...
  14. mac vs cn.JPG

    mac vs cn.JPG

  15. racineboxer

    My new Tojiro 21 Cm. Wa gyuto

    Is it just me or in the picture of gyuto can you actually see the size difference between the handle and ferrule?  The handle looks bigger.
  16. racineboxer

    Which Santoku : MacPro or Korin Togiharu Cobalt Damascus ?

    Get the 7" santoku.  Your next knife will be a 240mm gyuto since the 210mm will be too close in length to your santoku to justify buying it.  That's how I started (7" santoku then 240mm gyuto) and I don't regret it.  The 7" santoku still gets quite a bit of use and my better half always picks...
  17. racineboxer

    Which Santoku : MacPro or Korin Togiharu Cobalt Damascus ?

    I think you should buy this, 210 mm Fujiwara stainless: It's thin but sturdy enough to be an all around multipurpose knife for you.  And it's cheap, $75 with free shipping.  Use it for a year and learn to sharpen it and take care of it.  You'll...
  18. racineboxer

    Keep my Shun Premiers? Or...

    You're opening up a little bit of a pandora's box asking about Shun on these forums  :) IMO - Shun's are nice knives.  They are, IMO, overpriced.  Which is likely due to the fact that they are mainstream, have great brand recognition, and they're sold at places like Williams Sonoma and Sur La...
  19. racineboxer

    Knife length 240 or 270mm?

    If you have any confidence in yourself what so ever to sharpen a knife, just buy the CN and sharpen it yourself.  It's not really rocket science.  The semi-stainless is pretty easy to sharpen and you're not likely to screw it up really. 
  20. racineboxer

    210 mm gyuto, gift to me for $400 budget. Need rec

    martinc, if you don't want to deal with spotting on the knife, avoid the semi-stainless.  I do think semi-stainless makes for a great cutter.  At least from my experience owning a carbonext.  For example, side by side with my Mac Pro, and a VG-10 Shun, the carbonext is better at pretty much...
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