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  1. bunbun


    i want to cut some of the fat out of my crepes. my recipe calls for two eggs will it hurt to use 4 egg whites insted these will be stuffed with fruit and a little lite cream cheese
  2. bunbun

    How do you store your cookbooks?

    "in the freezer of course" along with the coffee, all my cash because we know how likely a theif is to look in there(don't tell any one) and the 25 gallons of milk i got outof the soon to expire bin. haha just kidding mine are usually on my counter where i can get them easiy. i wish i had an...
  3. bunbun

    tortillia press

    i have ben wanting to make my own tortillia press . I have a lot of people in my family and thought a press would be handy but have no idea as to where to get one. i have only seen them at don poblos resturant. i need another gadget in my kitchen likei need another hole in my head but i...
  4. bunbun

    Corny Facts

    wheat comes in refined and whole varieties but what about corn meal. some packages say whole corn and some just say ground corn. if there is a differance is one more desirable than the other nutritonally speaking i wuld sure apreciate some help with this one thank you
  5. bunbun

    Pritikin diet...

    I have recently started down the road of whole grain low fat as well. i just bought some instant corn masa mix that has no preservatives and uses ground whole kernal corn. (masecA BRAND HAS NO FAT ) fish tamalies come to mind and spanish rice substituting chicken for the bacon of course. or...
  6. bunbun

    apricot galette

    what is a galete sounds decadent :lips:
  7. bunbun

    the life of rye

    good idea i will see if i can find a place to buy just what i need
  8. bunbun

    the life of rye

    how long will rye flour last in an air tight container i bake rye about 3 times a year and this has ben a nagging concern. i ben throwing it out every time i make a new loaf my pocket books complaining
  9. bunbun

    hi all

    i am a house wife. i love trying new recipes and my latest find is whole white wheat bread and banana pancakes. I have given up all white refined starches and feal so much better but regular whole wheat flour was really getting boring . white whole wheat is much more mild in flavor . I...
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