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  1. francesca

    looking for meat

    Stracotto d'asino????? I will very happy to cook dunkey, the problem is finding it...
  2. francesca

    looking for meat

    Thank you Suzanne, you have been helpfull. Last summer I was living in the City, expoloring for food was easier ( I found many interesting things also in Astoria)...I will try Giovanni Esposito.
  3. francesca

    looking for meat

    I have a question. It's possible to buy horse meat in the US? Looking for meat sometimes seams very difficult. I like to go to butchers, I not very excited at the idea of buying meat that has been sitting sliced all day, I am used to the old way: you go to the butcher and ask him to cut what...
  4. francesca


    Mi fa piacere! Quanti Italiani, ciao
  5. francesca

    liquid smoke

    I read your previous comments on liquid smoke entusiastic/non-entusiastic. But does anybody know how to make liquid smoke at home? Do you think that using smoked salt you can get a somewhat similar result? Grazie, Francesca
  6. francesca

    What are the main food and wine publications in your country?

    I am Italian, I don't think in Italy the situation is so different than France. The most famous magazine is of course "La Cucina Italiana", that thanks God, doesn't have anything to share with the American one (it's not a translation, is totally different). La Cucina Italiana is the most...
  7. francesca


    Hi! I am new to this Forum. My name is Francesca, I am Italian, I have been living in the US for 2 years. I am not (yet) a cooking professional, I have a totally different job, but on July I am going to cooking school. My dream is not to become a professional chef, more an expert in Italian...
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