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  1. jyahya

    Advice for a first time sous chef

    I just got bumped up to sous chef today after a long well fought battle amongst co-workers. This is my first time being a sous chef in a real high volume restaurant. I already know how to do food costs, menus, and all that jazz. Would like advice on managing the kitchen staff, foh, or just...
  2. jyahya

    Best books to read?

    What are some of the best books you should read during down time that will help you improve your cooking
  3. jyahya

    The Proper way to Cook Fettuccine Noodles

    Just under cook them and let the steamtable do the rest
  4. jyahya

    Private chef

    Stay in CIA. Your buddy may think the learning stopped because he could possibly already know how to do what theyre doing in class, but maybe you wont. If you already have restaurant experience then you are already gonna know a third of the stuff theyre gonna teach you how to do. Stick it out...
  5. jyahya

    What are your biggest kitchen pet peeves?

    When people move my station around during my off days!
  6. jyahya

    Keeping composure

    I appreciate the advice, and yes it is a lot of fun. Mostly all of our sauces are made to order along with our risotto. Its a new challenge for me, I've worked saute since my first day getting shoved on the line. I've always premade all my sauces and just kept them on my station, but my chef...
  7. jyahya

    Keeping composure

    Ive been a line cook now for about 3.5 years in the DE/MD area, and I just got a job at one of the best restaurants around as the saute man. Any tips and tricks to keeping yourself composed to tackle a 800-1000 cover night? Other than the obvious keep your station clean, mise straight...  
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