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  1. backtobasics2

    Holding Danish Dough Question...

    It's been a while since I've made and worked with Danish dough. I want to know how long I can store it in the fridge after the final turn but before I roll and shape it? Can I store it for two or three days? or is over-night the longest? Also, I can store the dough, unshaped in the freezer...
  2. backtobasics2

    Panini Press Recommendations...

    Just opened a cafe that serves panini from 11-4. We're currently doing about 30 to 40 panini. We bought 2 warrings that have a 14x14 griddle. We are not quite in our busy season yet & have only been using 1 press. It WAS working great, but 2 months in the top plate stopped heating. We unpacked...
  3. backtobasics2

    New Kitchen Set Up

    Hello. I am opening a small bakery & cafe / quick serve restaurant.  I've set up my tiny kitchen and have loads a space under my double deck oven.  I'm wonder what others store under there.  Too much space to not utilize, but I think i might get a bit hot under there.  I've only been in kitchen...
  4. backtobasics2

    Best way to cook eggs for production breakfast sandwiches

    Pastry chef here, but I now need to make breakfast sandwiches for the morning rush.  What the best/fastest way to cook multiple eggs for breakfast sandwiches?  It's a bakery, so no flat top, only 4 burner stove & deck ovens.  Help! 
  5. backtobasics2

    Refrigerated Display Case Recommendations

    Looking to purchase a refrigerated bakery display case.  I've been considering Leader & Federal. Both seem to have same one year warranty.  Any feedback on either of these brands?  Will be used for cakes, cheesecakes, tarts, eclairs etc.
  6. backtobasics2


    I have a number of recipes that call for sweetex.  In an effort to go all natural I want to eliminate this product.  Does anyone have any experience?  I don't think I can do a once for once butter substitution.  
  7. backtobasics2

    Sticky Bun Sugar????

    Anyone familiar with King Arthur's Sticky Bun Sugar, or how to create the same gooey effect from "scratch"?
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