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  1. kendrick

    Knife sharpening/edge size

    Did you notice any difference in how the knife felt/sharpness? 
  2. kendrick

    Knife sharpening/edge size

    Hi Rick, Yes, sorry if it was confusing.
  3. kendrick

    Rainbow chard stems

    Since you have access to a cryvac machine, you could try compressing them with a 2% brine and making thin ribbons or w/e with it?  It'll go translucent and should retain its colour (never tried it with rainbow chard before).  
  4. kendrick

    Knife sharpening/edge size

    I was looking into bringing the edge up a fair bit on of my knives which is a stainless clad aogami super chef knive (21cm) to around 5mm ~ 1cm but I've never really done it to a knife which has a "core".  Now, I've done it to my "monosteel" UX10 and Suisin INOX but I've never done it to a...
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