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  1. francesca

    looking for meat

    I have a question. It's possible to buy horse meat in the US? Looking for meat sometimes seams very difficult. I like to go to butchers, I not very excited at the idea of buying meat that has been sitting sliced all day, I am used to the old way: you go to the butcher and ask him to cut what...
  2. francesca

    liquid smoke

    I read your previous comments on liquid smoke entusiastic/non-entusiastic. But does anybody know how to make liquid smoke at home? Do you think that using smoked salt you can get a somewhat similar result? Grazie, Francesca
  3. francesca


    Hi! I am new to this Forum. My name is Francesca, I am Italian, I have been living in the US for 2 years. I am not (yet) a cooking professional, I have a totally different job, but on July I am going to cooking school. My dream is not to become a professional chef, more an expert in Italian...
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