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  2. jerryg

    Having my doubts, is it normal

    My background is electronics. When I started training for my Associates degree, we had 60+ students. 4 graduated two years later. Those that finished the program *wanted* to finish. I suspect it's the same for culinary school. People start for many reasons and finish because that's what they...
  3. jerryg

    Hardest Thing about Culinary School

    I have to agree. I've never felt it was demeaning to address the person who runs the kitchen as 'Chef'. Well, except for my current boss and that's a whole 'nother story...:cool:
  4. jerryg

    Schools with Working Restaurants

    Both Oregon Culinary Institute and Western Culinary Institute in Portland, Oregon have restaurants and both have menus online in PDF format.
  5. jerryg

    Sugar! Sugar!

    Same here in the PNW. My experience is that the dark and light brown sugars are interchangable. I wouldn't exchange white for brown though. Both flavor and moistness of final product would be compromised.
  6. jerryg

    Gross Things We Love to (ugh!) Eat!

    Nothing weird about that... Love fried bologna on toast with tons of mayo... :bounce: I spent 10 years in the US Navy during the Viet Nam war and covered most of the Western Pacific during that time and have eaten some *interesting* things. Raw fish eggs (straight from the egg sack), raw...
  7. jerryg

    Some basic starting questions.

    Amen, brother... I've been cooking since I was 11 or 12. I've been working as a line cook for the past 1 1/2 years. Can you say "A big difference?"... I'm currently pulling in $9.75/hour and am one of the higher paid cooks in the restaurant. But you know, I love the work. And it is work. If...
  8. jerryg

    Tasks you hate doing

    I wish a private **** on whoever decided to start using these things.
  9. jerryg

    Am I crazy?

    Thanks Jayme... As it stands right now, I'll have to wait until after tax season to know how my finances stand, but OCI has a class starting every ten weeks and it will probably be sometime in May before I make my final decision. I'm going to attempt to schedule visits of the two local schools...
  10. jerryg

    "lined saucepan"?

    Tin lined copper pan?
  11. jerryg

    Help Please >.<

    Is it tiring? When you're slammed for hours on end and all you can think of is pushing food through the window, yes it's tiring. But it's rewarding too (for me). When a customer passes back compliments it make my evening. And a small restaurant is a great learning experience. In our, everybody...
  12. jerryg

    Help Please >.<

    I'd suggest you find a restaurant to work in for a while. Loving to cook and cooking for a living can be two different things. Spend some time in a busy kitchen before you spend time and money.
  13. jerryg

    Am I crazy?

    Thanks... That makes me feel a bit better. I know I've got the stamina (for a few more years, anyway) and it's something I wished I had gone for years ago. Next thing is to start scheduling tours of the two schools.
  14. jerryg

    Am I crazy?

    I'll be 60 years old on the 20th of March, though you would probably mistake me for at least 10 years younger and I probably have at least another 10 good years of work in me. I've been working full time as a line cook at a local pizza restaurant for the past 1 1/2 years, but I've been cooking...
  15. jerryg

    Oregon Culinary vs Western Culinary?

    I've only taken 'Consumer Classes' so far from OCI, but what I've seen so far I like. The first class, early on a Saturday morning, we were greeted by Chef Brian Wilke, OCI Executive Chef and Chef George Thompson, our instructor. Chef Wilke is the former Executive Chef of WCI and Chef Thompson...
  16. jerryg

    Hello from Oregon

    Just joined the forum and thought I'd introduce myself. I've been cooking since I was 11 or 12 (I'm pushing 60). I'm currently a cook and shift lead at a local pizza restaurant which makes about 4 or 5 career changes in my work life. I'm considering going back to school for some formal...
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