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  1. z~bestus

    Russian Cake

    MILFORD62:   Good afternoon. Milford go to "GOOGLE" & write in the search box the following words. RUSSIAN CAKE RECIPE USING YEAST IN THE BATTER There you will find many recipes for you to look over. If after you chose one & you require assistance post back there will be someone here that...
  2. z~bestus

    how to achieve this cheescake texture

    ROMEO26222:   Good morning. Welcome to our baking forum. Sorry to learn of your baking disappointment. Romeo, I believe it would help if you post the recipe & your manner of mixing & how you put this recipe together. Till then enjoy the rest of the day. .   Z~BESTUS.
  3. z~bestus

    I was wondering if anybody had any tips on a new recipe I'm thinking of

    KEITARO0905:  Good afternoon. Welcome to our culinary forum. I am sending you to the Food Network site. Here you will find a beginning for your recipe you wish to develop. What may be missing here perhaps members with more cooking knowledge that can help you with their experience & knowledge...
  4. z~bestus

    3D birthday cake: which type of batter do you recommend?

    TIEMU: Good morning. I must agree with PANINI's choice for POUND CAKE. As you know it is a much more stronger cake  & thus can handle the weight & handling while being assembled into your choice of configuration. Further as you know you have a choice of employing none or adding chemical...
  5. z~bestus

    my cookies spread in the oven

    CLEMINTINE:   Good morning. As you know, In general, butter in a cookie recipe tends to make a cookie spread. Butter has approx 17% water in it. Also take notice that the butter & the water in the egg yolks amount to 88% of the flour amount. That is unusual high I would say. Although true...
  6. z~bestus

    Roast Beef - Suggested Cuts

    KEITH GRIMA:   Good morning. Keith, I am sure you know that RIB EYE cut is considered PRIME RIB least where I live in Las Vegas, NV it is. As for a roast I enjoy the EYE ROUND Roast  For roast beef sandwiches the TOP ROUND is considered optimum. I buy it in the deli section at...
  7. z~bestus


    KINGOFJAMES:    Good afternoon. Sorry to learn of your baking disappointment James. first I will answer your second question. Many bakers have related to me in the past using "CREAM CHEESE" as a subst. Actually James, Mascarpone  cheese is very similar to cream cheese but without the "TARTARIC...
  8. z~bestus

    Am I using yeast correctly? Please help!

    BRIAN SHAW:   Good morning. I know that you know the following, for those who may not know why we proof ACTIVE DRY YEAST, it started when this product became in vogue some years ago. Due to poor quality control, many of thesel packets failed. Soooo, the manu suggested it be proofed first...
  9. z~bestus

    Uncooked cake

    SARAHCONSTW:    Good morning Sarah. You asked me to suggest to you a recipe for you using APPLESAUCE CAKE. I am sorry for taking longer than I would reply when requested for help.    Sarah there is a recipe in a XLNT baking book called "BAKEWISE". written by a world class Baking Scientist...
  10. z~bestus

    Choosin the Right Amount of Eggs For Your Recipe

    YVONNE: Good morning. Yvonne, I can help you. You can go to page 29 & 30 of the book you used. There it will explain to you what makes a cake. It doesn't say but there is a plus/minus factor of 10% in the weights of the ingredients.. GO TO...
  11. z~bestus

    Uncooked cake

    SARACONSTW:S   Good morning. Thank you for you timely reply. I scrutinized the recipe for the cake portion. I did notice that 4, cups of APPLESAUCE is quiet excessive. 4 cups of applesauce equals 32, oz. Plus applesauce contains 88% of water The flour weight is 17,oz. Eggs are not enough in...
  12. z~bestus

    Uncooked cake

    FABLESABLE:   Good afternoon. You asked for me to clarify my thoughts about the GLUTEN possibly not being developed. As you know GLUTEN is formed with hydration & the chemical properties of the wheat flour being used. Now then If the sugar exceeds the weight of the flour from say 110% to 160%...
  13. z~bestus

    Uncooked cake

    SARAHCONSTW:    Good morning. Sarah, You were given good advice from a member, about posting or to identify the recipe you are using & your mixing technique. Sarah, I do not like to speculate...however, just from your description I believe I know what may be the cause of your baking...
  14. z~bestus

    Gingerbread dough won't bind

    MUMMAOF2:   Good evening. I read your post with much interest. I am sorry of your baking disappointment. I must be truthful now...I am speculatating posting this idea to you. You see for the amount of flour, approx (11,oz) I believe 1, teas of baking soda is quite a bit. Soda is 4X the...
  15. z~bestus

    Fresh/Caked yeast usage

    KOKOPUFFS:    Good afternoon. The exact formula between CAKE YEAST & INSTANT YEAST is a very simple one. To use Cake yeast instead of instant yeast  multiply the instant amount by 3. Example. 1/4 oz of instant use 3/4, oz of cake yeast. With Active dry yeast multiply by 2.5X. I hope this...
  16. z~bestus

    Pumpkim cake - "naming question"

    THELEAS: Good morning. Welcome to the culinary forum. I must agree with you about your thoughts. But & however the answer is this the PUMPKIN BREAD is formally called "SWEET BREAD" The other bread that we eat with our NY STEAKS & BURGERS is called formally "YEASTED (lean bread ) or just...
  17. z~bestus

    Yellow Cake Recipe - What to do to make it less dense

    NIGEL,1985:    Good morning. Nigel, basically this is a proper recipe. However to make it perfect "DO NOT SEPARATE the eggs" use 5, whole eggs, also 12.75, oz "SIFTED  ALL PURPOSE BLEACHED FLOUR" such as Gold medal or Pillsbury. I know you will do fine. Enjoy the rest of the day.   Z~BESTUS.
  18. z~bestus

    Help with Cake Recipe

    JILLYBEAN; Good morning to you. Jilly I have some good news for you.....your baking failure isn't your fault. The failure lies in the recipe. Jilly notice the 2, cups of sugar =14,oz. Notice the 2 1/4 cups of cake flour=9.75 oz. average. Jilly whenever the weight of the sugar exceeds the...
  19. z~bestus

    Question For anyone who bakes

    SAPPHYERAVYN: Good afternoon. Simply put, Yes!!! use Lemon juice. It also happens to be the acid of choice amongst the formally culinary educated in Europe. I hope this helps you. Good luck to you from Las Vegas,NV. Enjoy the rest of the day. ~ZEE:chef:
  20. z~bestus

    Italian Pastry Cream in Zeppole di San Giuseppe

    JOHNZIMBLE: Good afternoon John. I firmly believe what you are looking for is "BAVARIAN CREAM". Check this out John. What your description implies is that it is soft cream & yet it can be piped. Insert Gelatin John. You can insert gelatin in the pastry cream as well. John you may have to do...
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