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  1. artforfood

    Duck Confit

    I might do the individual Pommes Anna so that I can layer the duck on top.... I once made these  amazing sweet potato, quinoa, gruyere patties florentine with the duck layered on top and a greek yogurt nutmeg mustard cream as a garnish.... I just loved the combination of a crispy patty under...
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  3. artforfood

    Duck Confit

    Ok I am drooling right now...  I have made potato galette before but never with duck fat. Don't know why I never thought of that before. Again thanks. What salt do you prefer since I am pairing it with the duck.... Fleur de sel, truffle salt, maldon......
  4. artforfood

    Duck Confit

    Thanks! I blame it on my spell checker. Hehe Yes that's what I imagined. Can't really make duck confit in the slow cooker. Your reply was very useful, I will just cook it stove top. Duck fries are to die for, yet I want it to remain classy. How would you recommend I make potato galette with the...
  5. artforfood

    White Truffle and dried Porcini

    If you want the truffle to last, I always make a homemade truffle butter and freeze for later use. Great with parmesan and noodles. Sunny side eggs, brussel sprouts, asparagus and much, much more. Lucky you!
  6. florentine sweet pot quinoa cakes.jpg

    florentine sweet pot quinoa cakes.jpg

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  8. Stilton cream fraiche portobellows.jpg

    Stilton cream fraiche portobellows.jpg

  9. Roasted Pablano.jpg

    Roasted Pablano.jpg

  10. Pumpkin Raviolis.jpg

    Pumpkin Raviolis.jpg

  11. pumpkin fondue.jpg

    pumpkin fondue.jpg

  12. poached pear.jpg

    poached pear.jpg

  13. mango ceviche.jpg

    mango ceviche.jpg

  14. d confit merlot duck jou.jpg

    d confit merlot duck jou.jpg

  15. cherimoya truffle vintage white tilamook.jpg

    cherimoya truffle vintage white tilamook.jpg

  16. Black forest spicy pinapple orange drumstick.jpg

    Black forest spicy pinapple orange drumstick.jpg

  17. Past Creations

    Past Creations

  18. artforfood

    Duck Confit

    I have made duck con-fit a few times. I am a young, inspired passionate at home gourmet cook. I cook for family and friends during get tog-ether's and do tons of research. I am trying to perfect my duck con-fit.  Since I work long hours Monday thru Friday I have taken advantage of my slow...
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