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  1. pollyg

    Question for the scientists

    I am curing my own olives at the moment and I have become confused about what people refer to in curing methods as 'Lye'. I have found lye water in a shop which contains potassium carbonate, but a chemical website I looked at talked about potassium hydroxide lye. I'm not too keen on poisoning...
  2. pollyg

    Where Is Papa?

    I noticed a while ago that nothing has been heard from Papa. He always has lovely things to say, is he alright?
  3. pollyg

    The Oil In Carrot Cake

    I was just wondering if anyone could tell me the reason that oil is so often the source of fat in carrot cakes, as opposed to butter. Does anyone know the science behind it?
  4. pollyg

    Has Anyone Cooked Fresh Bamboo Shoots?

    I was just cutting some annoying bamboo out of my garden and I came across quite a few fat shoots. I did a little research and found out that you have to blanch them first to get rid of the hydrocyanic acid, but I thought someone here might have some first hand experience with their preperation...
  5. pollyg

    Calling all NY chefs

    Sorry to exclude people from other parts of the world, but i want to hear about New York cooking life. My brother lives there and i have been to visit a few times and fell in love with the city. Is it easy to get jobs? What kind of places do you all work in? What sort of foods are 'the new...
  6. pollyg

    ever feel burnout?

    I'm about to make changes to my usual (and long running) chefs routine of long hours and no time for any other life b/c after 12 years it's just gotten to me and i'm feeling a little resentful of what i'm missing out on . Still have to stay in the food industry b/c it's what i really love. Do...
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