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  1. plum

    Friends, I have a favor to ask

    What wise words. I think that is true of conversations I've had lately. Now I'll know to trust my instincts. Thank you.
  2. plum

    Friends, I have a favor to ask

    Thank you for your good thoughts and prayers. My Dad died two weeks ago. That might sound like the failure of all our prayers but I wanted to reassure you that it hasn't felt like that. His time had come, but the preceeding year was the most loving, peaceful time my stubborn family ever had...
  3. plum

    Friends, I have a favor to ask

    I'll pray for Laura too. I'm praying for my father who has just discovered has cancer. I'm believing that God will heal them both, because we have asked it of him and know that what he has promised he is also able to perform. My heart goes out to you and your friends Aaron and Laura. Thank you...
  4. plum

    recipes with cherries

    I had a friend who did this: keeping the stems on, soaked cherries for 3 days in liqueur (maybe kirsch?) and then dipped them in chocolate. Said to be very popular! Have fun inventing something new with recipes that call for berries of any kind. Plum.
  5. plum

    Melbourne Grand Prix Tarts

    sometimes when you buy things (i'm thinking like handbags and such) you get little sachets of silica in them to keep it dry...I wonder if anywhere sells such things?. I guess toffee apples are covered in that plastic and it does get pretty sticky. I'm no chef but would this work? Making flat...
  6. plum

    favourite books? Italian food & cooking

    Chiffonade, Maybe they just reissued it, or I got lucky, but when I went online just now to look around for the book you recommended, I came across this: Which should link you to being able to buy this book by Elodia Rigante for just $30! Of course...
  7. plum

    Julie/Julia Project

    Sorry if I haven't been around much, I got addicted to reading the Julie/Julia Project blog, and it took up all my online time for a few months! Good to be back though, amongst this interesting crowd & happy band. Who else has been following it? For those who don't know, Julie Powell is a...
  8. plum

    favourite books? Italian food & cooking

    Hi Lamington, you might want to look out for a book called Dear Francesca. It was published in the UK by a Scottish-Italian woman who is part of a dynasty of food purveyors in Edinburgh. The book features her family recipes, and as such includes the kind of simple foods that Italians actually...
  9. plum

    Spelling mistakes

    I think the main problem is that one's native language defines what rules you understand with spelling. As a linguist, I've always been someone who takes note of different patterns, but that's just me. Even as a graduate in Italian, I still sometimes have to check whether a letter is doubled...
  10. plum

    Cookie with a touch

    I guess you've looked at oatcakes and all the sorts of cheese cracker type flavourings? How about pepper biscuits? Nigella Lawson has one that she makes for Christmas, which has quite a bit of black pepper (amongst other things) and is otherwise a simple butter cookie. I was very interested to...
  11. plum

    A traditional Christmas dish...

    Boudin noir was one of my favourites when I lived in France. They had it cut into small rounds and served it with wedges of apple which were fried until they were caramelised. Maybe that's when I started to become really interested in food... I had it last week at Raymond Blanc's brasserie...
  12. plum

    Favourite uses for Food Mill / Mouli?

    thank you Suzanne and Mezzaluna for replying! How does it work with chicken, did she end up with mashed chicken that doesn't through the holes, but is at least broken down? I'll give it a try and see what happens. I have to admit I've got cold feet having bought it. I like things to retain...
  13. plum

    Looking for a special lemon cake recipe!

    Pongi, What you remember sounds to me like Lemon Meringue Pie, which is delicious and a real home cooking recipe here in England. The bottom half is tart, smooth lemon pie filling and the top is light-as-a-cloud soft meringue, baked so that it has a golden brown top. I've found a recipe here...
  14. plum

    Favourite uses for Food Mill / Mouli?

    I just bought a food mill (= a mouli) for soups. I'm told they're useful in making jam (jellies) too. Does anyone have a favourite use for one of these? In case there's any confusion, it's a stainless steel rotating mill that pushes food through one of three discs with holes in them. I'd...
  15. plum

    "The way to a man's heart" or someplace else

    Don't ask me where, but I recently saw a discussion of sourdough natural leaven breads and the recipe in The Settlement Cookbook was considered the most successful. Have you ever tried it? Plum.
  16. plum

    Fried Green Tomatoes

    I read the book this summer, and at the back the recipes are printed. Fried Green Tomatoes as follows: "1 medium green tomato (per person) Salt Pepper White Cornmeal Bacon drippings Slice tomatoes about a quarter inch thick, season with salt and pepper and then coat both sides with cornmeal...
  17. plum

    t minus two week`s and counting

    Vancouver is wonderful. i've only ever been there on holiday, but it's a breath of fresh air and the people are so friendly. Big on seafood and Asian cuisine. It's such a positive place. Good luck! Plum.
  18. plum

    Fancy Food Show in NYC

    Sounds like you had a great time. Shame London is so far away, I would have loved to have joined you. My husband and I are going to tour Europe this summer for 3 weeks by train. I'm trying to promise myself that I won't get obsessed by having to have wonderful foodie experiences on every...
  19. plum

    Caramelizing onions

    Thanks alexia. Does it matter what the depth of the onions is? Maybe i have them too deep and they're just steaming themselves. Plum
  20. plum

    Caramelizing onions

    That makes sense Anneke, it explains why my 'caramelised' onions just go soft (if I'm lucky) and stay pale. What's the usual way you're supposed to caramelise onions? Do you have to add sugar? The way I've been trying (butter/olive oil, saucepan, long slow heat, covered) just isn't working.
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