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  1. flirfette

    What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?

    Wow Phoebe, that was quite an experience, one that i would never want to go through. But hey, whatever didnt kill you only made you stronger, right? As i think with most dishes, the level of queerness is determined by the region it is from. i've tasted some pretty peculiar foods, most of which...
  2. flirfette

    Introducing ME

    Thanks guys for your advice. So far this forum has been a great resource. Not only is this site full of culinary information, but i think a lot of the other not so food related topics that are discussed are fun and interesting!
  3. flirfette

    So what's your food addiction?

    What a great question... Chips and spicy chunky salsa Delicious steaming mussels Chicken and rice Those would definitely have to be my weaknesses... oh what a weak person i am... About the free food/buffet thing, i dont know about free food. it all really depends on the food. Like free Chips...
  4. flirfette

    Introducing ME

    i think becoming a food critic is one of those things in which you need to know people and/or start off someplace small. Tom Sietsema is the current critic for the Washington Post. i would love to have his position someday, or maybe critique for the New York Times, or in Chicago (i hear there...
  5. flirfette

    Introducing ME

    Hello everyone! i just thought i'd say a little greeting. i love food, the art of food, history of food, and of course eating food. i am 20 years old, from the DC/MD/VA area. i was a business information systems major for a couple years, but just recently decided to change it to journalism so...
  6. flirfette

    Nyla. That's right, Britney Spears's restaurant

    You mentioned a Georgia O'Keefe piece, however besides that, on what sort of theme did the restaurant seem to run? Was it trendy and sort of "bubble gum" looking, with Britney aspired motifs?
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