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  1. mtullius

    Super Easy Way to Peel Garlic

    I usually just smash it too. But the 2 bowl method is good if you need to peel several heads.
  2. mtullius

    Sous Vide Corn on the Cob Question

    What was the color change exactly? Was this white, yellow or  variegated corn? The two that changed were in the same pouch as the others I assume? 
  3. mtullius

    High Altitude Cake Recipe Adjustments?

    I lived at 7800 feet for several years and still spend time there. Each recipe seems to respond to different adjustments. What's happening is the cake rises too fast and doesn't have a strong enough structure to support itself.  The standard adjustments are" Reduce baking powder and/or baking...
  4. mtullius

    using up parsley ideas

    Parsley salad. You can add the dressing and store it for several days. It doesn't wilt like other greens after being dressed.
  5. mtullius

    Taco Soup, Filling Meal

    I just noticed it calls for "baked beans."  That seems odd to me. chefbuba- I was wondering the same thing.
  6. mtullius

    Taco Soup, Filling Meal

    Ranch dressing mix is salt, pepper, dill weed, onion powder, garlic powder, chives, parsley and buttermilk powder. I would sautee fresh chopped onion and garlic rather than use the powders. I wouldn't put buttermilk powder in a taco soup though and certainly not dill. But if you like it, go...
  7. mtullius

    Tim Tams in America

    I haven't tried them yet but  I see they are available at Target  From the description I can say I would probably love them. Chocolate and malt, yum! Nice with iced coffee I bet. A little pricey at 3.29 for a 7 oz bag but I wouldn't share them with the grandkids.
  8. mtullius


    I just squeeze it with my bare hands, a handful at a time. I can get it almost as dry as using a towel. But I'm only doing one box. If I needed to do a large quantity it would be faster to use a  cloth tea towel. Do you know what I mean by a tea towel? It's what grandmas in my area call the...
  9. mtullius

    Baked sweet potatoes stuffed with canned water-tuna

    I agree it sounds like something Letitia from "Vicar of Dibley" would make. She would probably serve it with toast and her homemade radish jelly and for dessert- chocolate/liver cake. I can't say why it doesn't work for me. Sweet potato with bacon is lovely. And tuna is complimented by sweet...
  10. mtullius

    Enchilada Sauce

    Welcome pkowis To use the dried chiles you need to rehydrate them first. Sorry I can't really give you any measurements here. There are so many kinds and sizes. It freezes well if you end up with too much. Break the stem off the chiles. Shake out what seeds you can. You don't have to get them...
  11. mtullius

    Bacon gummies up my cast iron

    You could try boiling some water in it. I'm sure you know not to soak it.  I sometimes use Cameo stainless steel powder with a sponge. I think I'm the only person who does this. I've never found anything online about it.  I have antique skillets a friend had bead blasted down to bare metal...
  12. mtullius

    Basil Pesto

    I use the same method salty dog. I also finely chop basil without oil and freeze on a tray. Then break it up and put in ziplocks for soup and meatballs. My basil is a week away from first harvest now and I have 1 portion left in the freezer. The first time I ever looked at a pesto recipe, I...
  13. mtullius

    doing justice to good pork

    I would pan fry so you have drippings for gravy.
  14. mtullius

    Green Chili Powder

    They sell green chili powder at a little place I go to in southern Colorado. It is a dark green/brown. I don't believe they dice the chiles before drying. I have only seen them dried by stringing whole chiles.
  15. mtullius

    i was seduced by the beautiful pictures of baking

    You don't need to spend a hundred dollars on books and a scale before you can bake your first thing. Make a few simple things with tried and true recipes using standard measuring. Nestle's Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies- the recipe is on the bag. Yellow...
  16. mtullius

    Fast roast silverside ?

    So it sounds like it you do it fast it shouldn't go much beyond medium rare? Otherwise it will dry out I'm guessing. The BHG website doesn't even show a time/temp past MR for the fast roast of this cut.
  17. mtullius

    Fast roast silverside ?

    Strange that no one has answered your question. I'm guessing you have probably already cooked it, but I'll chime in anyway. I didn't know what siverside was so I checked. I know it as bottom round or rump roast. I don't believe you can get good results fast roasting this. I would braise.
  18. mtullius


    Your very welcome and thanks for the compliment! Let us know how your party goes.
  19. mtullius


    Any of the suggestions Ed or I gave would work with lamb as well. I don't advise getting too adventurous with new recipes when you have guests coming. But here are some ideas to play with. Maybe make a bit of stuffing for chicken and see if you like it before committing to a an expensive leg of...
  20. mtullius


    If you post this in this section you may get some responses. I don't have a recipe, but I've made braciole with a pork loin. Here's Lidia's version which is close to what I make but I don't use chopped eggs. Just substitute your walnuts for the pine...
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