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  1. pollyg

    When to add herbs in Osso Buco

    Like everything in cooking, there are many ways to do things. I usually follow the 'hard herbs early, soft herbs late' rule of thumb.
  2. pollyg

    Lotta rice

    If you don't work it out on the stove-top, use a rice cooker. They're fabulous! They're easy, no mess, no fuss. Everyone should have one.
  3. pollyg

    Who is it for?

    There are so many interesting responses here. I find I relate to parts of each post. Cooking is my creative outlet and when time allows, there is nothing more pleasurable to me than devising and cooking a lovely meal. It is then that I am feeding my soul and nurturing others. At other times I...
  4. pollyg

    Does cooking kill vitamins?

    :blush: At least I'm not alone...
  5. pollyg

    Does cooking kill vitamins?

    YES:rolleyes: Thank you for the clarification. I was thinking of Lypocene. There goes my general knowledge standing....
  6. pollyg

    What good is an office?

    OK. Kat wins...:roll:
  7. pollyg

    Does cooking kill vitamins?

    I meant to say that Lysine is present in tomatoes ( i'm sure it's in other things, but I've only read about it in regards to tomatoes) and that the human body can't absorb the lysine from raw tomatoes, only cooked ones. It may be more complex than that, and I'm not a nutritionist or doctor, but...
  8. pollyg

    storing pasta dough

    I have always found that the colour of thr pasta dough will turn dark before there is any actual spoilage of the dough. You probably don't want to keep it for more than 2-3 days for this reason.
  9. pollyg

    Does cooking kill vitamins?

    Just as an interesting aside - Lysine, which is an important anti oxidant, is only absorbable from cooked tomatoes. Cooking would reduce some of the other vitamins so it's probably good to have a combination of raw and cooked tomatoes.
  10. pollyg

    What good is an office?

    At my last job, my office was a shelf against the wall-about 60 cm wide, with a telephone and a stack of books, papers etc. Above it on the wall there was a pinboard, and jammed up in front of my shelf there was a chest freezer. So to do my orders at the end of the night I would sit on the...
  11. pollyg

    A Good Halloween Story... If only it weren't true!

    In Australia we have the deadly red back spider but they just have a slash of red on their backs, not a cross. I live in the south of Aus. and sometimes when you open a box of bananas or something grown in the tropical north, you get a nasty big hairy tropical visitor.
  12. pollyg


    Welcome brando, I think changing careers is a great thing, so good luck. I often feed lots of people, but I've realised that the amounts are innate with me so maybe I can help with more specific questions... see you around..polly
  13. pollyg

    New Old Chef

    Welcome. So tell us about the old days...are you talking pre or post refrigeration? And how do you make your flan?
  14. pollyg

    precooking risotto

    Yes! Roast asparagus is lovely... Here's what I was thinking: It's nice to have some asp cooked in the base because then you get more of it's flavour through the risotto, but you will lose the crispness and bright green of lightly cooked asparagus. ( Plus, long cooked and short cooked asparagus...
  15. pollyg

    A What If...

    I think it would be very interesting to see what other outlets I funneled my personality through, if there was no cooking for a year. I think I would go stir crazy for a while, but maybe after that I would become a more balanced individual! God forbid if it means more time on the internet!
  16. pollyg

    Recipe competition

    I think this all sounds fabulous. Bring it on! Anneke - tomatoes are available in prolific quantities in the southern hemisphere, it's just that they are out of season ( and therefore disgusting) when you guys have them in season. I could work around that though, I can still get toms to cook the...
  17. pollyg

    Do you enjoy compliments on your culinary skills?

    I love to be complimented on my cooking. Often I won't be actively looking for a compliment, but I'll notice when it doesn't come. Cooking is my way of showing love to people and nurturing them, so if the food is enjoyed, then it makes me very happy.
  18. pollyg

    "The way to a man's heart" or someplace else

    My mum had Adele Davis too, I had never heard about that horrible mixture you're meant to drink every day, but now things are falling into place: When I was young enough to be drinking from a bottle it was always filled with a blend of avocado, lecithin,goats milk, brewers yeast etc, and all us...
  19. pollyg


    True, vodka is used b/c it's neutral. My friend said that he used Absolut because, out of all the vodkas he had on hand, it was the most neutral. momoreg, Sussex pond pudding is a gorgeous and very old English dessert. Suet pastry in a pudding bowl, fill with creamed butter and sugar and a...
  20. pollyg


    Ok, I have to write my little bit b/c I have just come home from helping at a 'masterchef' dinner at a local trade school: we served Sussex Pond pudding with limoncello jelly for dessert. And I was talking to my chef friend about how he is making his own limoncello for his restaurant. He uses...
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