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  1. wambly


    They are castrated roosters ... slaughtered at 8 months or less. 5 to 8 lbs.. usualy very tender. roast or butter roast
  2. wambly

    Another on reductions ....

    I picked up a technique along the way that I have never been able to put a name to... When deglazing a pan you take the first addition of wine to au sec, you then add another ration of wine and reduce to au sec, you then take a third ration of wine and reduce to au sec, add your sauce base and...
  3. wambly

    NY vs KC strip

    I was just watching the food network, story aobut steakhouses. The difference between a NY strip and a KC strip came up. I had learned that a KC strip was bone on, while a NY was bone off. The show stated the opposite... Which is it? (Anyone got a copy of "the meat buyers guide" they can check...
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