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  1. dafatpigeon

    Best sauce for whole wheat pasta?

    :eek: There is no sauce known to mankind which can mask the horrid knightmare known as whole wheat pasta. Blech !!!!!!!!!!
  2. dafatpigeon

    ingredients that are being over used

    for goodness sake, i wish people who don't know how to use ingredients properly would stop using them. i agree with the chipotles cilantro most certainly has its place. but it is abused big time by most folks. ****, i saw charlie trotter doing what at first were some great looking Maryland...
  3. dafatpigeon

    food prices

    I feel your pain, Pete. Here in Louisiana our meat prices are similar to what you described. The hotel's restaurant increased prices, but we can't charge what we really need to. I do a lot of large banquets, and during the holiday season usually tons of steak parties, such as filet mignon...
  4. dafatpigeon

    Dedicated To soussweets

    Hey Hogan, looks like a good time at the Ren. Fest. As far as my vote for the worst beer, it would be : NATIONAL BOHEMIAN, a.k.a. natty-bo. It is local to Baltimore, Md. Many fellow students drank this by the trunkload back in culinary school. If you could get past the first few, it did...
  5. dafatpigeon

    I came to "help".....

    Hey Scott, don't forget the Indian Chefs! We cater a lot of Middle Eastern weddings and their chef thinks he owns the **** place. He was asking for spices, fryer oil, and had our servers doing prep and traying food. He showed up with one helper for something like 400 people. No equipment, no...
  6. dafatpigeon


    Welcome to the forums hot cookin! mike
  7. dafatpigeon

    What other cooking discussion forums do you read/post on? peace, m.a.d.
  8. dafatpigeon

    Help! Cookie Business

    Hi wanee. in my neck of the woods there is a place called The Great American Cookie Company. There are 3 here I believe. They are quite successful, been in the malls here a long time. They do individual cookies, bulk packs, fresh lemonade, other beverages, frozen icees, and really specialize in...
  9. dafatpigeon


    Hi shroomgirl, I am in Baton Rouge. The day after it was 92, it hit 94! Today not so bad, about 85. We had a very mild winter. I only recall putting winter coats on the kids one day this year. Talk to ya later, I have to get up early to finish preparation for the ACF culinary classic...
  10. dafatpigeon


    What's Spring??? Here in Louisiana it was 92!! We have only 2 seasons here: Hot and Warm. :rolleyes: peace, m.a.d
  11. dafatpigeon

    New guy saying hello...

    Hi there headless chicken. Don't come down my way in Louisiana. Headless chickens are quickly turned into fricassee or gumbo!!!!:lips: Welcome to the forum, I am new here myself!
  12. dafatpigeon


    Well, I will be back Wednesday-or maybe I will take another week off!! Hopefully you haven't burned the kitchen down in my absence (well, actually.....).
  13. dafatpigeon

    whats up everyone

    couple ideas: butterfly the pork and spread on a layer of boudin(a spicy pork and rice sausage). Roll, tie and braise. cut slits and stud with tasso(very spicy smoked pork ham), garlic, and herbs. Stew it til it's falling apart and serve with jus. butterfly and roll it with crawish, spinach...
  14. dafatpigeon


    Hi everyone, sorry about the double post but the other was was put under antother thread as a reply, so it may not be seen much: This happens to be the other half of the amazing chef duo of soussweets. I am his older, wiser, and more attractive brother. It is under contruction, but I will post...
  15. dafatpigeon

    whats up everyone

    Hi everyone :cool: This happens to be the other half of the amazing chef duo of soussweets. I am his older, wiser, and more attractive brother. It is under contruction, but I will post a link to our new website soon, we would love some feedback. A bit about me: Born and raised in Baton Rouge...
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