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  1. dracu

    Hello Everyone

    Well, actually I joined this forum a long time ago, but never really used it, because I wasn't ever getting into nothing too challenging. Well, now I work for the USAF and I am their baker at a dining facility in Offutt AFB. Well, I work with alot of mixes and the customers are getting tired...
  2. dracu

    Customers want baked rice pudding more creamy!

    I have never made rice pudding or even had rice pudding myself. Recently, I have made it twice for my customers to try and give me feed back. Well, both times they say the same, " It needs to be more creamy". Well, my question is, how do I make it more creamy. Here is my recipe: 13.44 oz...
  3. dracu

    Seasons for Trout

    I am doing a dinner in a few days and I need to know what kind of spices or seasoning are good on Trout. Thanks!!! Sincerely, Dracu :)
  4. dracu


    I am doing a project for school. My report is crepes. Where is the best place for me to find any history on crepes? Like where does crepes orginate from, who found it, & what was it used for and served to whom at the time it was founded? Please help me. . . I am having trouble finding some...
  5. dracu

    Nut Liqueors

    I need some help finding some nut liqueors for walnuts and hazelnuts. I am making Individual Twelfth Night Chocolate Galettes. I need help to find what is the but liqueor for a chocolate filling with walnuts or hazelnuts. Please Help!!!
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