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  1. plum

    Julie/Julia Project

    Sorry if I haven't been around much, I got addicted to reading the Julie/Julia Project blog, and it took up all my online time for a few months! Good to be back though, amongst this interesting crowd & happy band. Who else has been following it? For those who don't know, Julie Powell is a...
  2. plum

    Favourite uses for Food Mill / Mouli?

    I just bought a food mill (= a mouli) for soups. I'm told they're useful in making jam (jellies) too. Does anyone have a favourite use for one of these? In case there's any confusion, it's a stainless steel rotating mill that pushes food through one of three discs with holes in them. I'd...
  3. plum

    'Best Bread Ever'

    Have you used a book called 'Best Bread Ever' by Charles van Over? I have enjoyed a few experiments with making bread and cinnamon rolls, and I would like to progress. This book has rave reviews on Amazon in the UK, but I wondered what you all thought before I buy. Thanks!
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