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    Sounds great. I look forward to them!
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    Looking for some great Macroons in the U.S.

    If your friend lives in New York City, there's a place called Macaron Parlour that's been in business for about a year now. By the way, one of the two founders studied at Atelier Pierre Herme de Formation a la Haute Patisserie. I've read good things about this place, but there's one drawback...
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    These look delicious!!
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    Your ribbons are special--very fluid!
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    Great ribbon!
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    Simply elegant!
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    Got the Name, now need recipe ideas!

    Just wanted to say that I think the name Melonius Funk is great. It's got such a ring to it, you don't even have to know who Monk was. And if you do know, all the better. I can just image people saying they're going to the Funk!
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    Hi YummySpice, glad you popped in! I know there are others on this site who also work in nursing homes, so I bet you'll have a lot to share. I'm always struck by the variety of people who come to ChefTalk--all interested in culinary ideas. I've learned a lot here from the different forums, the...
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    These fruit photos are very educational! Thanks (Note: highest resolution is best--like the dragon fruit pic--otherwise the details get lost.)
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    Tipping on gross or net sales of bill

    20% of the net. Like thetincook, I overtip if at a reg. haunt.
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    Perfect flan

    Hi Miccru. A search of  the ChefTalk repertory provides a number of posts on flan many of which include recipes. I hope this link will help you!
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    Pimp my bacon

    Rough black pepper or peppercorns might put a zing back into your bacon. Have you tried that?
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    Oven Cleaner Hair Remover ...ladies? ...gents?

    Left4bread, Lemon-scented oven cleaners smell less foul, I've found. They're still toxic, and they still smell toxic; it's more a matter of what smell you can stand.
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    Please help me out!

    Hi Sharlene, While I can't participate in your ethnographic report, I'm sure there are plenty who can, and I just wanted to wish you the best of luck on your project. Sounds interesting!
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    Oven Cleaner Hair Remover ...ladies? ...gents?

    If your oven is growing hair, sounds like you're in like Flint!
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    Hi all from Boston Ma

    Hi Johnny P, As you love talking food, let me be the first to say: you are in very good company here! New ideas, techniques and trends, old ideas, tried and true methods and traditions--ChefTalk is alive with a super-abundance of all of the above. If you need help navigating around the site or...
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    Hi, from Atlanta

    Hi SandwichChef, It sounds like you have quite a history with food. I understand that food trucks have been and still are on the rise across the US, and I wish you great success with yours. ChefTalk is an invaluable resource. From its variety of forums tailored to different areas of culinary...
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    Hello all chefs/food lovers!

    Hi STLIronChef! Two forums in particular come to mind when I read your post: the Food and Cooking Questions and Discussion forum and the Recipes forum. Of course, they're all interesting! If you have questions or need help with the site, here's a link to use: [email protected] In addition...
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    Hi...from metro Detroit.

    Hi Ang. Good job on the weight loss! I think you will find a lot to interest you here, as I suspect you already know, and I'm glad you stumbled in this direction.If you need help figuring out the site, here's a link to use: [email protected] Sounds like you can share a lot too!
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