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  1. suzanne

    Kitchen Timer needed

    My Polder Triple Timer/Clock/Stopwatch, which I hang over my desk, has died. Not surprising, since I knock it down a lot. It's maybe the third one I've had over many years -- they all suffers the same fate. I like it, but wonder if there is something else out there that would hold up better...
  2. suzanne

    Dining Clubs: do they still exist?

    A friend who is writing a piece on dining clubs asks: "Are there any around still?" That's all she said, so I leave it to you to define and discuss. It would be helpful to know where you are, but if you would rather not indicate it publicly (right on the thread for anyone to see), you can...
  3. suzanne

    Sweet Potato-Ginger Pie

    This pie was inspired by a Thanksgiving dinner at which I could use no dairy products. I used rich canned coconut milk instead of butter or cream in the mashed sweet potatoes. I happened to have some lemon-flavored preserved ginger and sweetened dried lemons from an Asian candy store, so I...
  4. suzanne

    Personal milestone!

    Post # 4001!!! :peace:
  5. suzanne

    Oven "fries" -- mmmmm

    You know: peel the veg, if you want to; cut into battonets (french fry cutter plate for food processor works well for some vegs); toss with a little oil, S&P, spread out on a baking sheet; and bake in a hot oven (around 425F/220C), turning over once or twice, until browned and crisp. I've been...
  6. suzanne

    Cooking Quince Pectin too long?

    I put the trimmings from 5 quinces in a pot with water to simmer for pectin at 10:00 am. Then I forgot about them until just now -- a little more than four hours later. :o Fortunately all the water hadn't boiled out. I'm draining it now in an improvised jelly sock (actually my yogurt...
  7. suzanne

    Gougeres in the food processor

    So I'm on vacation, staying right now in my sister-in-law's house on the Maine coast. We came here after a week in Vermont, and brought all sorts of VT goodies. Including a lot of cheddar cheese. But the fridge already held a HUGE block of good cheddar. So I decided to, um, make room for the...
  8. suzanne

    Demy -- a Kindle for the kitchen?

    No opinion from me, just wonder what everyone else thinks. Well, actually, it's not my thing. But would you be interested?
  9. suzanne

    Is "going organic" too political?

    This is what I got when I Googled "pesticide association Obama". Apparently, the pesticide manufacturers think it's un-American that the new White House kitchen garden will be organic. :confused: Discuss.
  10. suzanne

    Using a stovetop smoker

    I just got a new toy: a stovetop smoker. :D Now, how do I use it? :look: A recipe booklet came with it, but it doesn't have instructions for the first thing I want to do: a small rack of lamb. It's 14 ounces/412 grams. I've got it marinating with rosemary and pomegranate molasses, but don't...
  11. suzanne

    Demystifying India's Spice Coast event in NYC 6/12/07

    If you are in New York City on Tuesday, June 12, here is an event you should consider attending. It is organized by the New York Women's Culinary Alliance. Demystifying India's Spice Coast Please join Ammini Ramachandran, author of Grains, Greens, and Grated Coconuts, for a special discussion...
  12. suzanne

    ISO Cake Decorating Reference Web site

    I am currently working on a book about cake decorating written by a Brit. Part of my job is to make sure that the terms are all translated from British English into American English. Since I am NOT a pastry pro (regardless of the fact that I used to have the title "pastry chef" :rolleyes:), I'm...
  13. suzanne

    Have to vent about people who think they can write recipes (but can't)

    Sorry -- but right now I'm working on a diet book :rolleyes: that includes recipes. The authors know nothing about purchasing or cooking (a 4-ounce can of tomato sauce? :confused: 1 tablespoon of crushed red pepper for 2 servings of Puttanesca sauce? :eek: ). But I just hit the worst-written...
  14. suzanne

    Seaweed help: what to do with?

    I picked up a couple of packages of seaweed recently at a food show. The labels are all in Japanese. I've been able to figure out that one is sea lettuce (I think) and the other matsugae (definitely). What can I do with them? :confused:
  15. suzanne

    Spell check!!!!!

    Just noticed this morning that when I make a spelling error, the word gets a special underline! Doesn't show once the post is up (for everyone else to see who's a bad speller) but it lets me know, in case I want to fix it. You can be sure I do; see my sig line. :blush: And I discovered that...
  16. suzanne

    You used WHAT to do WHAT???

    (We may already have a thread on this, but I'm feeling lazy right now. ;) ) On the Equipment forum, panini mentions using dental floss to clean around the rivets holding on pot handles. Very cool -- another use for the stuff besides cutting cheese and cake layers. And, oh yeah, cleaning teeth...
  17. suzanne

    Bux and Tuckerman

    A couple of friends died recently. One I saw very rarely, just the occasional lunch or dinner together, with or without his wife and others. We often disagreed. To be honest, there were things about him that drove me up a wall (and the feeling was probably mutual). But I learned a great deal...
  18. suzanne

    Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Supper -- what are you cooking?

    Chameleon, a new member, has a great suggestion: Let's have a thread in which we tell everyone what we've been cooking. This kind of thread is a lot of fun to read, and can be a great inspiration! (Another board I'm on started a thread like this just for dinners not quite 3 years ago, and now...
  19. suzanne

    What makes a written recipe good? bad?

    I will be giving a presentation to a group of chefs on writing recipes for home cooks, and have a question for home-cook members here who follow written recipes: what do you consider necessary for a recipe to be well-written? And on the flip side, what makes you hate trying to use a recipe, or...
  20. suzanne

    My hat's off to the pros! My catering saga

    Last Saturday (June 24, 2006), I hosted a surprise birthday party for my Aunt Bette who was turning 90. The genesis of the party was that her daughters (two of my cousins) starting planning this about nine months ago, and enlisted me because Bette is here in New York and they are not. (My...
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