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  1. marmalade

    Are there Reciprocity laws for Mobile Kitchens?

    I would suggest you contact the states you are interested in; the little I found on a search seems to indicate that each state has their own regulations. 
  2. marmalade

    Issues with large-volume chocolate chip cookies...Need advice, and thanks for reading :)

    I've never made CC cookies in that kind of quantity, so can't comment on that - but just looking at the recipe, my question would be why all the butter *and* oil?  That would sure account for some of the softness and spread.   Where did the recipe come from? 
  3. marmalade

    salvaging too dry gingerbread dough

    Dough used for gingerbread houses is usually much firmer than regular 'gingerbread' dough. 
  4. marmalade


    It's very tropical, so if you live in the north, you'd have to have a place to overwinter it.  You'd also need to learn how to process the plant to extract the syrup.  And thirdly, I would think you'd need an awful lot of plant to produce just a little bit of syrup.  :) 
  5. marmalade

    Creating a place to work dough

    We're just finishing up a kitchen remodel, and I had them build a lower area on the counter top, covered in marble, for my doughs and also hand mixing.  I'm really short, so by the time I get a bowl on regular counter top height and do a lot of hand mixing, I get achey shoulders the next day! ...
  6. marmalade

    Browning and Flavor with Raw Cast Iron and Enameled Cast Iron

    I honestly don't notice that much difference in the browning between my leCrus and granny's old iron chicken pot.  The drawback to the 'raw' cast iron is that you shouldn't deglaze with wine, tomato product or any other acid, whereas you can do this in the enameled pot.  My motto is 'the fewer...
  7. marmalade

    Starting a Catering Business...

    I absolutely agree with this.  You might also see if you can get some per diem work with several caterers; busy season is coming up, so that might be pretty easy to swing.  You'll get to see different ways to go about things this way. 
  8. marmalade

    Need a Chef's creative mind to help with a menu for this restaurant>>

    Okay, I'm back. :) My general observations would be to use as many crossover items as you can.  Maybe try and use local produce/citrus/seafood when you can.  It can be a great 'hook', as folks are reading more and more about sustaining local farmers and fishermen.  If this is going to be a...
  9. marmalade

    Need a Chef's creative mind to help with a menu for this restaurant>>

    Oh, boy, I can give you tons of ideas, but I'm out the door right now - check back later! :)
  10. marmalade

    Beer batter for fish & chips

    I'm with BDL on no capers unless you want soggies. :)  Will this be for catering gigs?  Why not get your basic batter down pat, then spin off different seasonings depending on the event you're catering?  IE, a chili powder in the batter w/ a BBQ sauce dip; Mexican seasonings w/chipotle mayo...
  11. marmalade

    Falafel Inquiry

    Tyler Florences' recipe is the best I've ever found -
  12. marmalade

    Do you feel like you have lost your skills?

    Funny, I was thinking about this the other day while slicing some onions, and thinking, gawd woman, you're slow!  I do feel as though I've 'lost my edge' both with physical skills and with coming up with new and different ideas for the dinner table at home.  :(    I guess 'use it or lose it'...
  13. marmalade

    Looking for a book

    Rita, Have you tried the library? I'm not sure Enchanted Broccoli Forest is still in print! Or try Amazon's used books - maybe they have a cheapie!
  14. marmalade

    Recipes in 30 minutes

    What a great gig! You might try They have an organic garlic, and you might be able to get some 'green' from them.
  15. marmalade

    Some fine looking sides for the Bird.

    Thanks, CC! My mom-in-law asked for creamed pearl onions this year, and I couldn't remember my old recipe. The one in the NYT sounds yummy!
  16. marmalade

    Any hints for keeping your coats clean?

    Oxyclean was the only thing that got balsamic vinegar out of my coat after a malfunction with the Robo!
  17. marmalade

    food prices

    This is all verrrrry interesting, as I'm thinking of gearing up my catering biz! Question for you, Bubba - what kind of quantity do you buy in at the grocery store - does it freak 'em out when you go in and clear the counter of chickens? Or do you let them know in advance you'll be coming in?
  18. marmalade

    ?catering trucks/mobile kitchens?

    HI, Rita - Thanks for the support and ideas! Yes, I know the hospitals are a gold mine! And, there are two new huge medical office complexes right in my area which I plan to 'mine'! Hadn't thought of an 'address', but I don't see why the home address wouldn't work for tax/billing purposes...
  19. marmalade

    Asheville. NC, anyone?

    Hi, Rita, My old stompin' grounds! Actually Maggie Valley is, but I love Asheville/Hendersonville, too. There's always been a sort of 'artsy' aspect to the area; Brevard Music College, the Biltmore Estate; lots of local mountain crafts. And in the 60's the hippies discovered the area; there...
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