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  2. bang train

    Help me PLEASE!

    Wow! Step by step, detailed instructions, not even someone with half a brain can fail now. Leave it to me though. So I put everything back in the frying pan after I cooked the onions and bacon in there. I guess the onions never leave the pan too because I don't see where you take them out. Oh...
  3. bang train

    Help me PLEASE!

    Phil you're a life-saver. I think I'll pass on the veggies since I don't know how to steam stuff. I think I'll grill a chicken breast and eat that with the pasta, and maybe if I can handle three things at once, a salad with it. This is ridiculous. I'm cooking up my noodles for kraft dinner and...
  4. bang train

    Help me PLEASE!

    I'm an 18 year old guy and I have the house to myself for the next week (my family is at the lake and I am here because of work). I have zero cooking experience. I have nothing in my fridge and the cupboards are pretty much bare except for a couple boxes of kraft dinner which will only last me...
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