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  1. michael blair

    Konosuke HD(?) or Sakai Takayuki Grand Cheff

    Started off looking at either a Masamoto HC or a Misono Swedish (as per BDL's recommendation for a JCK number), then got distracted by the Grand Cheff or the Kono HD.   Heard the Konosuke weigh in at something less than their quoted lengths (true/untrue?), which makes it tricky since I disliked...
  2. michael blair

    Blazen Kanji Vs Alphabet Steel, both SG2?

    Koki assures me the same material as advised from the manufacturer, but it seems EE assure they are both extremely different, in particular the alphabet versions being chippy.  Is Koki pulling the wool over my eyes???  I've seen some threads around which suggest they are indeed different.  Seems...
  3. michael blair

    Hiromoto AS sharpening question

    Hey this arrived in the mail the other day, reasonably sharp OOTB, however I decided to take it across a 1000 (JCK), 2000 and 5000 (korin, mizuyama) grit to really polish it up. The knife was stupidly sharp before stropping however after stropping gently on a leather belt it was quite dull.  I...
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